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Geography data

Geography data defines the location of your organization or person by identifying the country, state, province, city, and time zone. 

BMC Helix Platform provides sample geography data in template Microsoft Excel spreadsheets. You can can access the sample Geography data from the Data Management Console, load the data in bulk quantities, and use it to capture the physical location of your sites. For more information, see Loading Foundation data in bulk.

BMC Helix Platform supports the following types of geography:

Geography typesDescription
CountryStores the details of the country for an organization or person.
State/Province/DistrictStores the details of the state/province/district for an existing country record.
CityStores the details of the city for an existing country or state/province/district record.
Postal CodesStores the details of the postal codes for an existing city record.
Time ZonesStores the details of all available time zones.

Geography data associations

The following table describes the supported associations for Geography data:

Type of associationDescription
Country to State/Province/District

This association creates a relationship in which a geographic location is associated to itself. This association creates a parent-child type of relationship. The geography record can be a country, city, state/province/district, postal code, or time zone.


A country record United States consists of geographic State/Province/District, such as California, Florida, and Texas.

State/Province/District to City

This association creates a relationship between the state/province/district and the city present in that state/province/district.


The State/Province/District record of California consist of city record, such as San Francisco, Los Angeles, and San Diego.

City to Postal Codes

This association creates a relationship between the city and postal codes of the city.


City record San Francisco consists of Postal Codes, such as 94101, 94102, and 94103.

City to Time Zone

This association creates a relationship between city and its related time zone.


City record San Francisco is in the Pacific Standard Time zone.

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