This documentation supports the 20.08 version of BMC Helix Platform. 
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Foundation data reference

BMC Helix Platform Foundation library provides the Foundation Common Data Model (CDM), also called as Foundation data. Applications use Foundation data as a source of information about the people in your company and their attributes, such as organization, location, geography, and other shared characteristics that you might need to categorize.

The Foundation data consists of the following data elements: 

  • OrganizationRepresents a group of people with a particular purpose. For more information, see Organization data.
  • PersonRepresents both users and non-users of an application. For more information, see Person data.
  • LocationRepresents a physical place or site as well as a collection of sites or geographical regions. For more information, see Location data.
  • CategorizationRepresents a means of classifying people or objects who have shared characteristics. For more information, see Categorization data.
  • GeographyRepresents the geographic location of an organization or person by identifying the country, state, province, and city. This information is used by Locations data element to represent the physical location of an organization or person. For more information, see Geography data.

The following image describes the role of each Foundation data element:


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