This documentation supports the 20.08 version of BMC Helix Platform. 
To view an earlier version, select 20.02 from the Product version menu.

End-to-end process for developing your Digital Service application

Before you begin with the development of Digital Service application make sure that you install all the components required to develop an application. BMC Helix Platform and database are installed in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) instance.

BMC Helix Platform provides you the flexibility to develop your application via code based development and definition based development.

  • Using BMC Helix Platform SDK and Maven archetype you can create the project for your application.
  • Using BMC Helix Innovation Studio, you can create data, business logic and user interface required for your application.
  • Using Java and JavaScript you can extend the service objects and customize the behavior of service objects using Java and JavaScript.

After you complete the application development you can deploy your application to an external environment where the users can tailor and use the application. The following image describes the recommended end-to-end process for developing an application:

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App Dev flow

Development of an application comprises of the following tasks:

1Setting up the development environment 
2Creating project and deploying the project for the first timeMaven
3Designing data and creating the data model (creating the data definitions)

BMC Helix Innovation Studio


Creating business processes (you can start creating process and rules using BMC Helix Innovation Studio in parallel with creating data definitions)

BMC Helix Innovation Studio


Creating rules

BMC Helix Innovation Studio

7Creating the UI for the application (creating views)

BMC Helix Innovation Studio

8Configuring shell to create the header and navigation for your application

BMC Helix Innovation Studio


If required, create custom view components


If required, add custom service actions (@ Action), custom Data Page Query, custom command, and custom REST resources.

11Creating development package for the applicationMaven
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