This documentation supports the 20.08 version of BMC Helix Platform. 
To view an earlier version, select 20.02 from the Product version menu.

Enabling the new user interface for your codeless applications

As an administrator or a developer, you can switch your codeless applications from the AngularJS framework UI to the new UI based on the latest Angular framework. In the new UI, you can run only the codeless applications that leverage out-of-the-box view components and actions. Applications that contain custom code will continue to use the old UI.

To enable the new UI for your codeless applications

You must validate the new UI in a non-Production environment before enabling it in your Production environment.

  1. Log in to BMC Helix Innovation Studio and navigate to the Administration tab.
  2. Select Administration > Manage Applications > New UI Opt In.
  3. On the New UI Opt In page, click the  button.
  4. In Application ID, enter the ID of a codeless application that you want to switch to the new UI.
    For example, com.example.taskmanager.
  5. In Use New UI, select true.
  6. Click Save.

    Your codeless application will now use the new UI.

After you have enabled the new UI for your codeless application in a non-Production environment, it can run with the old and the new UI side by side by using the appropriate URLs. In a Production environment, the old UI URLs will be automatically redirected to the new UI URLs, including old bookmarks and emailed links.


A runtime error might occur if you try to enable the new UI for a codeless application that leverages custom view components or actions from other applications or libraries.

The following image shows the page where you can configure your codeless application to use the new UI:

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