This documentation supports the 20.08 version of BMC Helix Platform. 
To view an earlier version, select 20.02 from the Product version menu.

Downloading the template Excel spreadsheets

BMC Helix Platform provides a few Microsoft Excel spreadsheets that you can use to enter the Foundation data. Download the Excel spreadsheets spreadsheets and update them with relevant Foundation data.

Different template spreadsheets are available for loading different types of Foundation data.

The following table provides information about the available spreadsheets and their purpose:

Foundation dataName of the spreadsheet or ZIP folderUse

Load the category data.

The ZIP folder contains separate spreadsheets for operational, product, resolution, and root cause categorization data.

LocationLocation Data Template.xlsx

Load location-specific data such as region, site, and site area. The template contains different tabs for loading location data and location-specific associations.

OrganizationOrganization Template.xlsx

Load the organization data such as operating companies and service providers.

PersonPerson Template.xlsxLoad person data such as employees, customers, agents, and vendors.

Load all the associations between foundation data structures such as person to organization, and person to support group.

CitiesAll Cities.xlsx

Load the city data. The spreadsheet is prepopulated with the data of world cities, but you can only use the entire file on a licensed server. You can remove the cities of the countries that you do not require, and load data from a maximum of 3000 cities on an unlicensed server.

Sample Cities.xlsx

Load a small set of the city data. The spreadsheet is prepopulated with a small set of city data. You can use this file on a licensed or unlicensed server.

To download the Excel spreadsheets

  1. Log in to BMC Helix Platform and navigate to the Workspace tab. 
  2. Click the Data Management Console application. 

  3. Click Visit Deployed Application.
  4. From the Templates tab, click Download () corresponding to the Excel spreadsheet or ZIP file, as shown in the following image:


    Ensure that you download the templates belonging to the latest version of BMC Helix Platform.

    The ZIP folder contains multiple spreadsheets for a specific Foundation data.

The spreadsheet or the ZIP folder is downloaded to the default download location of your web browser. 

Where to go from here

Updating spreadsheets with Foundation data

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