This documentation supports the 20.08 version of BMC Helix Platform. 
To view an earlier version, select 20.02 from the Product version menu.

Deprecated features and post upgrade behavior

The following sections provide information about the upgrade considerations and unsupported and deprecated features in BMC Helix Platform:


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Post upgrade behavior

The following table describes certain behavior that takes place after upgrading to BMC Helix Platform version 20.08:


The DATEADD and DATEDIFF functions are modified to DATETIMEADD and DATETIMEDIFF.

If you are using the DATEADD and DATEDIFF functions in your workflows and processes, make sure that you update all these workflows and processes to DATETIMEADD and DATETIMEDIFF.

Deprecated features

Deprecated features are still available in the product or service. However, they are no longer under active development and might be discontinued from the product in the future. We encourage you to plan and implement the recommended change.


Announcement and recommendations

IBM Watson Tone Analyzer integration with BMC Helix Platform

IBM has deprecated IBM Watson Tone Analyzer from February 24, 2022. Customers can use the service for up to 12 months and from February 24, 2023, IBM Watson Tone Analyzer will no longer be available.

BMC will no longer activate new BMC Helix Platform customers with IBM Watson's Tone Analyzer capability effective April 13, 2022. For more information, see Release notes for Tone Analyzer in IBM Cloud documentation.

BMC is reviewing options with IBM for potential replacement capabilities for its intelligent user sentiment detection.

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