This documentation supports the 20.02 version of BMC Helix Platform. 
To view an earlier version, select 19.11 from the Product version menu.

Deprecated features

Learn about the limitations and upgrade considerations for BMC Helix Platform.


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Post upgrade behavior

The following table describes certain behavior that takes place after upgrading to BMC Helix Platform version 19.08:


The DeploymentStatus response is now restructured by adding the DeploymentParsedStatus field and removing the errorMessage field. With changes to the file, which is included in the RX-SDK, the deploymentStatus.getErrorMessage() method will not work with the new SDK. You must update the SDK to successfully deploy the bundles.

  • When the value of a character field is set to an empty string by using the Value expression or Set Property action, the value will now be converted to null.
  • When a view is opened in a pane or modal dialog box by using the Open View UI action, the ESC key and X button will work only if the view has the Close View action with Act as Cancel set to True. Otherwise, the X button is hidden in the modal dialog box and the pane or dialog box does not close when you press the ESC key.
  • In a view, if there are expressions that check for the presence of a view input parameter, the expressions should compare the parameter value with an empty string as opposed to the null value.

Deprecated features

The following table lists features that are no longer supported in BMC Helix Platform.

19.08BMC will no longer support creating export packages. Instead, you can use content packages.



When an administrator upgrades to a new version of an application, the option to opt in or opt out in the test and tailoring environments is no longer available. Instead, the upgrade process automatically opts in for all the environments.



The LoginCommand and LogoutCommand APIs are removed from the BMC Helix Platform software development kit (

If you are using the LoginCommand and LogoutCommand APIs in your applications or libraries, ensure that you update all the instances of these APIs with the LoginRequest and LogoutRequest APIs. For more details on the REST APIs, see Platform REST API documentation.

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