This documentation supports the 19.08 version of BMC Helix Platform. 
To view an earlier version, select 19.05 from the Product version menu.

Deploying codeless applications

With BMC Helix Platform you can manage releasing your own custom built codeless applications and libraries including new version updates at your own pace or according to the release cadence. 

To build codeless applications and libraries, start by creating an install or update package either in the Developer Sandbox or in the tailoring environment. You can then self deploy installation packages and update packages in the BMC Helix Platform for each environment such as Developer Sandbox, Tailoring environment, QA environment, and Production environment. 

Using the deployment capability in BMC Helix Innovation Studio allows you to:

  • Deploy and upgrade codeless bundles in a few clicks without depending on developers, requiring an IDE, or using an antiquated command line tool to deploy.
  • Move definitions and data for bundles from one environment to the next.
  • Deploy and upgrade codeless bundles in any environment you choose.
  • Release at a regular cadence of your choice or release immediately at any time when your new bundle or new version is ready.

Administrators and developers can create install packages, update packages, and export packages from the BMC Helix Innovation Studio. Once you provide the package to the Administrator, he or she can then self deploy the new bundle or new version to the next environment of choice. After an application is deployed, only the application developer and an administrator can view the application.


The administrator can use the containerrolepermission REST API to provide access to users as well as remove access from specific users for any licensed application. For information about the containerrolepermission REST API, see Platform REST API Documentation.

Workflow of deploying codeless applications

The following illustration shows the standard workflow for promoting codeless bundles and upgrades from one environment to the next:

For more information about creating codeless applications, see Developing codeless applications.

Where to go from here

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Understand the different types of packages that you can create to deploy codeless applications across environmentsTypes of deployment packages
As an administrator, create and deploy entire application to test or production environments
  1. Creating install packages
  2. Installing codeless applications
As an administrator, create and deploy incremental changes of applications to test or production environments
  1. Creating update packages
  2. Updating applications by using update packages

As an administrator, create and deploy tailoring changes of applications to development or test environments

  1. Creating export packages
  2. Importing export packages
As an administrator or a developer, redeploy entire application to test or production environmentsReinstalling codeless applications

Remove unnecessary applications from Innovation Studio

Uninstalling applications by using Innovation Studio

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