This documentation supports the 20.08 version of BMC Helix Platform. 
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Connectors overview

By using a connector, you can integrate your application with a third-party product, which can be a service or an application. A connector acts as a bridge between your application and the third-party product. You can integrate your application with external systems by using connectors without changing the application code. You can develop connectors to listen for events, perform tasks, or query for information. 

You can develop connectors by using BMC Helix Platform and BMC Helix Integration Service. The BMC Helix Integration Service provides an integration layer and tools that you can use to build connectors. The BMC Helix Integration Service enables different applications to connect seamlessly with applications that are either hosted on cloud or running on premises, as shown in the following image: 

For information about BMC Helix Integration Service, see  BMC Helix Integration Service Open link  documentation.


  • When you request a sandbox (on the Developer Portal), you are provisioned with an integration account. You can use this account to access the integration tools such as BMC Helix Integration Studio and BMC Connector Designer.
  • If you already have a sandbox, you receive an email notification that contains the integration account details when your sandbox is upgraded.

You can develop connectors that perform only synchronous actions. You cannot develop connectors with triggers.

Connector development process

The following image provides an overview of the connector development process. It describes the roles involved, steps required, and the tools used in connector development and connector utilization:

DeveloperSets up the connector development environmentDeploying your Digital Service application for the first time to start working in BMC Helix Innovation Studio
DeveloperDevelops and tests connector

Developing connectors Open link

DeveloperDeploys the connector

Configuring connectors Open link

AdministratorCreates connector configurations

Adding or updating a configuration Open link

AdministratorCreates connector profilesAdding connector configurations
AdministratorPerforms alias mapping of connector actions with connector configurationsMapping an alias to connector configuration
Application Business AnalystCreates a process or rule to integrate a Digital Service application with external resourceAutomating categorization and assignment of application requests
Application Business AnalystTailors the Digital Service applicationTailoring applications
End userUses Digital Service application that leverages connector

BMC Helix Platform provides out-of-the box connectors to integrate your applications with third-party products. You can use these connectors in your application processes and rules. In the Process designer and Rule designer, these connectors are available as a Connector property of the Connector element.

Example: To integrate your application with a JIRA project repository

You can develop and use a connector to integrate your application with a JIRA third-party product repository by completing the following tasks:




Develop connectorDeveloper

The connector for this integration is called JIRA connector. 

  • Develop the JIRA connector by using the tools - BMC Connector Designer and BMC Helix Integration Studio.
  • Create JIRA connector actions such as create issues in JIRA, add comments in JIRA, and so on.
  • Deploy the JIRA connector to the BMC Helix Integration Service.
Configure connectorAdministrator

Create the connector configurations and profiles in BMC Helix Integration Service so that the connector can communicate with the third-party system. After the JIRA connector is configured, it is available in BMC Helix Innovation Studio for use.

For information about creating connector configurations and profiles, see Adding or updating a configuration Open link and Adding accounts Open link in BMC Helix Integration Studio documentation.

Build a process or rule to integrateDeveloper or Application Business Analyst

Integrate your application by creating a process or a rule that consists of the JIRA connector element. You do not need to add a JIRA code specific to your application code.  

For information about integrating your application with third-party systems, see the following topics:

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