This documentation supports the 20.02 version of BMC Helix Platform. 
To view an earlier version, select 19.11 from the Product version menu.

Configuring a service provider for cognitive insights

BMC Helix Platform cognitive insights (cognitive search) uses the artificial intelligence and search capability of IBM Watson Discovery. As an administrator, you must configure BMC Helix Platform and the BMC Helix Chatbot application to communicate with IBM Watson Discovery. 

Before you begin

  • Ensure that you have the API key of the IBM Watson Discovery service instance. You can  copy the discovery authentication credentials  by logging in to IBM Cloud dashboard. 
  • Ensure that you have set the correct region for the IBM Watson Discovery service instance. 
  • If you want to update an API key, ensure that you delete the search data sets. You must create the data sets again.

To configure IBM Watson Discovery API key

  1. Log in to BMC Helix Innovation Studio and navigate to the Administration tab.
  2. Select Configure My Server > Cognitive Service.
  3. From the Configure list, select Cognitive Service Connections.
  4. Expand the IBM Watson Discovery section as shown in the following image:

  5. Click the API Key tab and enter the IAM API key.
  6. To test the connection, click Test.


    If the connection fails, verify that you have entered the correct username and password or the correct API key. Also, check that you have set the correct region.

  7. After successfully testing the connection, click Save.

Where to go from here


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