This documentation supports the 20.08 version of BMC Helix Platform. 
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Categorization data

Categorization data classifies and organizes sets of common items, such as, configuration items, support tickets, incident requests, or change requests.

BMC Helix Platform supports the following types of categorizations:

Categorization typeDescription
Operational Categories

Represents all the operational services that are provided by an organization.

Example: Adding a user account, changing a server password, application failure, network failure, and so on.

Product Categories

Represents all of an organization's products. Each product category must be unique.

Example: Email, Skype for business, intranet, and so on.

Resolution Categories

Represents the determining factor used to resolve or complete ticketing records.

Example: Sending a knowledge document, assigning an agent to work on the issue, assigning permissions, and so on.

Root Cause Categories

Represents the root cause of the ticketing record.

Example: A ticket is created for an unresponsive email server. However, the root cause of this could be insufficient disk memory on the email server.

Supported Categorization data associations

The following table describes the supported associations for Categorization data:

Type of associationDescription
Categorization to Categorization

This association creates a relationship in which a category is associated to itself. This association creates a parent-child type of relationship. The categorization record can be operational, product, resolution, or root cause.


Smart Phone, Tablet are product types of a parent product category Mobile Device.

Organization uses Categorization

This association is used to identify which categories will be used by the Primary Organization. This association provides a list of categories to a user of an application which is related to a given Primary Organization.


The Service Provider Calbro Services uses product, such as Hardware, Software, and Services.

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