This documentation supports the 20.08 version of BMC Helix Platform. 
To view an earlier version, select 20.02 from the Product version menu.

BMC Helix Platform overview

Quick overview

BMC Helix Platform helps you to build your own applications with the help of different designer consoles, deploy them for the end users of these applications, and manage or configure them. BMC Helix Innovation Studio helps you establish data requirements, expose fields for your user interface, and implement complex powerful business processes.

BMC Helix Innovation Studio is based on a Model View Controller pattern, which helps you to separate database tables, business logic, and user interface. You can upload the applications and libraries developed in BMC Helix Innovation Studio in a central repository, called Marketplace, from where other developers can download them for reuse.

BMC Helix Platform provides the following features to create applications and libraries:

  • Solutions for your business needs
  • Solves problem without substantial code changes
  • Applies new technology to products to enhance your products
  • Integrates with other applications
  • Creates shareable code extensions

Product roles

Product features

BMC Helix Innovation Studio includes the following consoles that help you to achieve specific goals:

Definition designersDescription

RecordsDefines the application data model by creating, editing, or deleting the record definitions.
ViewsDesigns the user interface for applications. 
ProcessesCreates and customizes business processes of an application. 
RulesCreates and customizes business rules of an application.
AssociationsCreates associations between records of an application
Named ListsCreates drop-down menus in an application that make data entry faster and more accurate for your application users.
DocumentsCreates definition to access individual attributes within a metadata object and then use those attributes in an expression for a process
ChatbotsCreates and configures single or multiple specialized chatbots.
Web APIsCreates or edits Web API definitions. Web API definitions are the REST API web requests that you use to connect to RESTful services in a codeless way.
EventsCreates or edits application events and their attributes that you track to derive usage metrics. 
Event StatisticsSpecifies the aggregation period for the events, such as daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly.

Creates the application settings interface that you can display on the Administration tab.

Product documentation

The BMC Helix Platform documentation helps new and experienced users implement or use this product. Based on your role, the following sections of the documentation are recommended:

User assistance 

A number of channels are available through which the developer community can get support.

  • You can log on to  BMC Developer community Open link to get support from other developers by using Developer portal Open link . Experts from BMC can help you out with your queries.
  • You can look at  Developer portal Open link to collaborate with like-minded developers. You can co-create, innovate, and create applications.
  • Access the tutorial to create a sample application.

If you are a Remedy developer, you can review the Comparison between Developer Studio and BMC Helix Innovation Studio capabilities constructs.

Within BMC Helix Innovation Studio, you can use tool-tips to get in-place assistance for populating fields, you can use the guided tours created for key use cases by using the Self-help widget, or you can take a tutorial that takes you through building an application process.

The following video (2:47) provides an overview of accessing the self-help within BMC Helix Innovation Studio:

Recommended skills set 

For an administrator

An administrator can create codeless applications with minimal programming knowledge. 

For a developer

For a developer to be able to work smoothly with BMC Helix Innovation Studio and codes, the following skills set is recommended. 

  • Maven 
    • Open link
  • Angular
    • Open link
    • Open link
    • Open link
    • Open link
  • Server side application development
  • Prerequisites:
    • (required) Oracle University Java SE 8 Fundamentals (required)
    • (recommended) Oracle University Java SE 8 Programming 
    • Read Building RESTful Web Services with JAX-RS tutorial
    • Open link
    • Open link
  • Client side application development
  • Prerequisites:
    • (required) Oracle University JavaScript and HTML5: Develop Web Applications 
    • (required) Read online tutorial of JSON 
    •,clang:EN Open link
    • Open link


The following video gives you information on developing applications:

Before you start creating applications, BMC recommends the following trainings:

  • Open link
  • Open link
  • Open link

Additionally, you can refer to the Tutorial.

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