This documentation supports the 19.05 version of BMC Helix Platform. 
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BMC Helix Platform licensing model

BMC Helix Platform enables developers to license the applications that are created by using BMC Helix Innovation Studio. You can assign licenses to applications that are created by BMC, partners, and customers. 

Licensing an application is beneficial in the following ways:  

  • Control access to your application.  
  • Protect the intellectual property of your organization.
  • Reduce management costs, and adhere to your organization's compliance policies. 

When you license an application, a named license is available. The named license is always associated with that user name and is reserved for that user. A named license enables a user to view, create, modify, and save the service requests.

Licensing model

The following table lists the application that you want to use and the associated license that must be assigned to the user:

Application type

BMC Helix Platform license

Application license
Custom application

Not applicable

BMC application

Not applicable

Partner application

Not applicable

  • To use a BMC or Partner application, only an application license needs to be assigned to the user.
  • To use a custom application, only the BMC Helix Platform license must be assigned to the user. After this license is assigned, a user can access and use all the custom applications that are deployed in that system for a tenant.
  • To log in to BMC Helix Innovation Studio, you must have administrator permission and BMC Helix Platform User Named license.
  • When a SaaS administrator creates an administrator, the BMC Helix Platform license is automatically assigned to the administrator. However, if the administrator creates a second  administrator, then the first administrator must manually assign the BMC Helix Platform license to that user. For more information, see Assigning application licenses to users.
  • A BMC or partner-developed application can be set to have unlimited licensed users for all tenants. For such applications, the SaaS administrator must assign at least one license to each tenant and unlimited users in that tenancy can access the application.

Licensing workflow

The following illustration describes the workflow for licensing an application:

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If you are a developer, license your application by using Maven archetype.Applying a license to your application
If you are an administrator, assign licenses to users.Assigning application licenses to users

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