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BMC Helix ITSM offers you all the capabilities of the traditional BMC ITSM suite but also with the additional advantages of having it on cloud. Some of the advantages include very quick deployment and quick upgrades.

Key features

Cloud - services are delivered in a SaaS model allowing for easy consumption and predictive operational costs.

Containers - levering container technology, BMC Helix services are designed to run on any type of public cloud.

Cognitive - adding in cognitive capabilities, BMC Helix services provide end users and agents with an intelligent, integrated customer experience.


BMC Helix helps deliver predictive, industry leading service management and has the following advantages:

Modern persona-based UX optimized across devices - components of the suite such as BMC Helix Smart IT set a new standard for the modern workplace with an intuitive, social, and mobile service desk experience organised around IT roles rather than modules.

Cognitive automation capabilities that transform the agent experience - solutions use a machine learning service to automatically classify unstructured data within the solutions, helping companies e.g. with auto-categorization of tickets or auto-selection of case templates when creating cases from incoming email.

Comprehensive and intuitive change management capabilities - planning, scheduling, implementing, and change-tracking that is simple to learn and use, collaborative where you can create change requests and manage them throughout their lifecycle.

BMC Helix Multi-Cloud Service Management - helps you stay current with your organisation's ITSM capabilities for a seamless service experience across multi-cloud environments with easy transfer of information. For example, IT can manage tickets across multiple cloud providers utilizing one integrated service desk. You can directly collaborate with multi-cloud providers to efficiently troubleshoot and resolve issues. 

Powerful, stunning reports - you can create powerful, stunning reports and visualizations allowing data-driven insights.

Container deployment to run in any type of public cloud - you have an option of running BMC Helix ITSM on a number of cloud services.

Accuracy - sevices are delivered with the immediacy and accuracy that end-users expect, on their channel of choice.

Speed - automate service desk processes and lever containers technology for increased business agility and reduced time for upgrades and DevOps integrations.

Cost Savings - deploy optional chatbot  and virtual agent services to deflect lower-level service calls, easing the load on support staff and reducing overall costs of your service desk.

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BMC Helix services overview

BMC Helix is a portfolio of SaaS offerings delivering cognitive service management (CSM) that is fast, accurate and cost-effective, across multi-cloud, multi-device, and multi-channel environments. BMC Helix services are delivered from your cloud location of choice and receive the benefits of BMC's world-class SaaS Operations team and processes.

CSM integrates emerging technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) into the enterprise, transforming every layer of service delivery. This end-to-end cloud offering uses containers to give customers the ability to execute their business processes from the BMC private cloud or AWS cloud. BMC Helix services include cognitive capabilities (Bots/AI/ML) and help enterprises transform their service management from reactive to proactive and predictive, with increased accuracy and speed, and reduced cost.

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