Managing automation policies

Automation engineers can save time and effort by using automation policies to automate the remediation for frequently-occurring problems, which previously required manual, repetitive, and time-consuming tasks. Automation policies consist of actions that connect with the automation tools supported by BMC Helix Intelligent Automation to perform remediation for events. Policies can be triggered automatically or, if needed, manually from BMC Helix Operations Management Management or BMC Helix AIOps. Policies can be reused, copied, and cloned for similar applications elsewhere in the enterprise.

To provide more clarity on where the exact error occurred and how it was resolved, a detailed history of each policy run is provided on the History page. This information includes the details of the action, the status, and the action output, in a JSON format.

The following topics provide more details about managing policies:  

Learn more about automation policiesOverview of automation policies
Create automation policiesCreating automation policies
View, edit, and copy automation policiesViewing, editing, and copying automation policies
View a history and status of the automation policy runs Viewing automation policy runs history
Publish, unpublish, and delete automation policiesPublishing, unpublishing, and deleting automation policies
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