Auditing configuration changes in BMC Helix Dashboards

As a tenant administrator, use the BMC Helix Audit dashboard as a single place to track and monitor the activities performed by your users. With this quick and easy way, you can audit activities and remediate issues effectively. Additionally, use this dashboard to visually identify issues in your tenant.

From the BMC Helix Audit dashboard, you can also take corrective measures and monitor the activities performed in BMC Helix Dashboards. Track updates made to the following options:

  • Data sources and their configuration.
  • Report scheduler settings, such as updating the logo, email recipients, and so on.
  • Preferences, such as the UI theme, home dashboards, and so on.
Example: Audit the changes in the data source settings

Jordan, a tenant administrator, is responsible for ensuring that the data in the dashboards is accurate and that all assets are consistently used. He uses BMC Helix Dashboards to track and audit the activities performed by other users. While reviewing the dashboards, Jordan notices that a new data source has been created by a user. Jordan can track the user who created the new data source by using BMC Helix Audit dashboard.

To view the audit data

  1. In the navigation pane, hover over Dashboards and then click Browse.
  2. Search for and open BMC Helix Audit Dashboard.
  3. Set the appropriate filters to display the audit data of the users in your organization.

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