Audit query

As a tenant administrator or an editor, use the Audit query type to fetch the audit data of BMC Helix Portal resources, such as users, groups, roles, permission and so on.

This query requires the following data:

Query typeUse this field to select the query type.
Filter criteriaSpecify the query to filter the audit record data by the values of the columns.
Data column

Specify the column name type to display data for that specific column.


  • View the audit data for all the administrators, specify the following query in the Filter criteria field:
    loginId like $administrators
  • View the audit data for all the administrators along with the resource type, resource name, operation, status, category and so on.
    loginId like $administrators and operationType like $operation  and objectType like $resourcetype and objectName like $resourcename
    In the above example, specify loginId in the Data column field to filter the dashboard for the administrator's column only. 

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