Service Targets Against Cases dashboard

As a dashboard user, use this dashboard to view the metrics for service targets of cases and monitor the number of target SLAs met, missed, or in progress for the selected line of business. Service targets have associated statuses that indicate at what stage a case is and helps the case agents to monitor the progress of cases. This dashboard displays the percentage of SLAs breached, the number of service targets met, missed, and pending, service target status by site, and so on for the selected line of business.

The following image shows the Service Targets Against Cases dashboard with sample data:

To view the Service Targets Against Cases dashboard

  1. Log in to BMC Helix Dashboards.
  2. In the left navigation pane, hover your mouse over the Dashboards icon and click Browse.
  3. In the Helix Business Workflows Dashboard folder, click Service Targets Against Cases

Tip: Quick access from the home page

To quickly open the dashboard from the home page, mark it as a favorite by using the star icon. Additionally, after you open a dashboard, it is available under Recently viewed dashboards on the home page.

Panels in the Service Targets Against Cases dashboard

The following table describes the panels in the Service Targets Against Cases dashboard:

Dashboard filter

Select the Line of Business filter to view the information on the dashboard.

By default, the dashboard displays the data for the last 30 days. You can filter the data by using the time range global filter.

Overall SLA breachedDisplays the percentage of SLA breached cases.

MetDisplays the number of service targets achieved.

Missed goalDisplays the number of service targets missed.

PendingDisplays the number of service targets pending.

Missed goal pendingDisplays the number of service targets pending out of the missed service targets.

Service target status of cases

Displays the number of service targets based on the status. Use this report to analyze how many service targets were missed, met, or are in progress.

The table lists the status, corresponding service targets, and provides a link to view the details of cases for the selected status.

Tip: Hover the mouse on the donut chart to view the service target count by status.

Service target status of cases by site

The bar chart lists the sites and associated service targets.

You can click the bar charts to view the Case Details for Cases with Service Targets - Drill-through report for the selected site.

Use this report to analyze the service target status of cases at each site.

Tip: Hover the mouse over the bar chart to view the number of service targets based on the status for that site.

SLM team tracking

Shows the time spent by each team to work on the service targets attached to a case. Use this report to analyze which team spent the most time in resolving a case.

This report is available only if you have selected the Enable Team Tracking option while configuring measurement criteria for a service target. Learn more about how to configure a service target in Configuring service targets.

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