Building queries to fetch data

As a tenant administrator or an editor, you need to build queries in panels to fetch data from the data source. You can build multiple queries with different query types in a panel. However, you cannot change the data source for each query in a panel. If you want to change the data source, you must create a new panel. 

The following query types are available:

To build a query

Do the following:

  1. From the left navigation pane, hover your mouse over the Create icon and click Dashboard.
  2. On the New dashboard page, click Add new panel.
  3. In the Query section, select the BMC Helix data source for the query.
  4. In the Query Type field, select a query type.
  5. In the Query field, add the query. This field changes according to the query type that you select.
  6. To add another query in the same panel, click Query and add the required information.
  7. Save the panel.

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