Hierarchy Manager task

After the entities and their data is loaded into BMC Helix Capacity Optimization, the Hierarchy Manager task does the following:

  • Groups the entities to organize and analyze them.
  • Identifies and maintains the derived metrics that need to be computed and updates the logic to perform their computation. For example, it is useful to derive the total memory used and available in a cluster of computers, from the individual computers' metric values.

In addition, the Hierarchy Manager task performs these activities:

  • Maintains the data for capacity pools and service pools. For example, when you define a capacity pool or service pool, this task keeps the structure of the pool in sync.
  • Identifies the changes to the relation data set (OBJREL) in the Workspace area. The OBJREL is responsible for defining the structure and relationship between entities when you define an ETL.
    For more information, see Hierarchies.

To access this task in the Helix Capacity Optimization Console, navigate to Administration > ETL & System Tasks > System Tasks. In the System tasks table, search for the Hierarchy Manager task.

Example of Hierarchy Manager task

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