Accessing the public APIs

A BMC Helix Capacity Optimization administrator must grant the required read or write permission to users for accessing the public APIs. The permission is based on the API read or write activity that the administrator assigns to user roles. For information about granting access, see Adding and managing roles.

When a user with the required access makes RESTful web service requests from a REST client, these requests are authenticated. BMC Helix Capacity Optimization supports the Bearer method of authentication.

Bearer authentication

This authentication requires a token key. You can generate this key from the BMC Helix Capacity Optimization console and use it in your RESTful web request calls. These API calls are authenticated by validating the token.

The process of using this authentication:

  1. Generate the API key.
  2. In a text editor, open the credentials.key file and copy the token.
  3. In your REST API call request, paste the copied token to the header statement.

  4. Make the API call.


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