What is different in this release

This topic describes what has changed in this release. 

The separate Console and Dashboard user interfaces are now unified with a single logon. Some features are moved to a different UI page for enhanced user experience. 

Features that have moved to a different location

The following table lists the features or tasks that have moved to a different UI page or to a different navigation path in 21.02:

FunctionalityIn version 21.02In versions earlier than 21.02Documentation
Configure user accounts and roles

You can configure users and user groups in BMC Helix Portal.

Administration > Users

Setting up groups

Setting up users

Generate API key

Use BMC Helix Portal to set up user-level API keys.

Administration > Users > Roles.

Setting up user-level API keys

Authorizing users to access specific entitiesAdministration > Authorization Profiles

Administration > Users > Access groups

Configuring authorization profiles
Automatic purging of entities

Administration > System > Global configuration

Administration > Data Warehouse > Aging configuration

Global configuration
Agent listAdministration > Gateway Manager > Agent ListsAdministration > Gateway Manager > Gateway Operations > List nodesManaging the Gateway Server agent list
Bookmark content that you frequently use for quick referenceIn the left navigation pane of the Workspace tab.Home > BookmarksBookmarks
Download product componentsAdministration > System > Downloads Home tabDownloading the product components
Modify user profilesIn the header, click the user name icon and select My preferences.Home > My profileSetting user preferences

Features that will be available in future releases

The following features will be available in future releases:

  • Reservations
  • Investigate
  • Cloud Migration Simulation
  • Basic reports
  • Extrapolation and Queuing Network models
  • Correlation analysis
  • Out-of-the-box views
    • Business Services view
    • Capacity Pools view
    • Server view
    • Virtualization views
  • Custom view templates
    • Golden model results template
    • Sunburst
    • System time forecasting
    • Tree map
    • Data mart Explorer
  • Migration utilities for PostgreSQL and Oracle
  • Customize the look and feel of the UI 


All of the future product plans and releases described herein relate to BMC's current product development considerations, which are at the sole discretion of BMC and are subject to change and/or cancellation at any time. BMC cannot and does to provide any assurance as to whether these plans will result in any future releases of the nature described.

Deprecated and dropped features and components

For a list of the deprecated and dropped features in this release, see Deprecated and dropped features and components.

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