22.2 enhancements and patches

Review the BMC Helix Continuous Optimization 22.2 enhancements and patches for features that will benefit your organization and to understand changes that might impact your users.



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Fixed issues

Updates and enhancements
Known and corrected issues22.2.00 enhancements

BMC applies upgrades as described in the BMC Helix Upgrade policy . BMC applies upgrades and patches during  Maintenance windows. .


The following video (3:20) provides a high-level summary of the new features and enhancements in version 22.2 of BMC Helix Continuous Optimization.


Troubleshoot SQL data marts that were migrated from TrueSight Capacity Optimization

Review the probable cause and suggested actions to investigate and resolve issues in SQL data marts that were migrated from TrueSight Capacity Optimization. For more information, see Troubleshooting data marts.

Review the supported growth details for business drivers

Analyze the confidence levels and supported growth details in the Business Driver Details page. This growth is forecasted according to the available resources of the service pools that are associated with the business driver. For more information, see Business Services view

Support for events

Create events to track the configuration changes, incidents, application failures, or infrastructure upgrades in your environment. Additionally, view these events in analysis and models to understand their effects, such as impact analysis. For more information, see Working with events.

Define custom optimizer rules

Define optimizer rules with custom conditions if the predefined templates do not meet your requirements. You can create custom optimizer rule based on Formula or Data vs. Threshold condition types

View host details in BMC Helix Operations Management and BMC Helix Dashboards 

You can navigate from the View details page of the BMC Helix Continuous Optimization hosts that are monitored by the PATROL Agent to the following products: 

  • BMC Helix Operations Management to view the device details and hierarchy
  • BMC Helix Dashboards to view the metric details

For more information, see Integrating with BMC Helix Operations Management and Using BMC Helix Dashboards.

Add composite entity filters

Add composite entity filters that includes entities from multiple entity filters while creating an analysis. For more information, see Editing general properties for an analysis.

Support for new versions of operating systems

The following operating systems are supported for Continuous Optimization Agent:

  • Microsoft Windows Server 2022
  • Amazon Linux 2

For a complete list of supported operating systems, see System requirements for the Continuous Optimization Agent.

ETL module enhancements

ETL moduleEnhancement
Amazon Web Services - AWS API Extractor

Enhanced to import configuration and performance data from AWS RDS instances that are provisioned in the AWS cloud. With RDS support, the ETL can collect data from multiple database engines such as Amazon Aurora, MySQL, MariaDB, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, and PostgreSQL. 

Microsoft Azure - Azure API ExtractorEnhanced to import configuration and performance data from App Services that are provisioned in the Azure cloud.
Storage - All-in-One Extractor ServiceAdded the shared file systems that are imported by the ETL under the Storage system in the Workspace. The relationship between pools and shared file systems can be viewed in the device-specific page of the BMC Helix Continuous Optimization console.
Moviri – k8s (Kubernetes) Prometheus Extractor
  • Added support to import the following metrics:
    • The ST_ALLOCATED metric for namespaces
    • The MAINTENANCE_NODE metric for nodes
  • Added the lag hour configuration to prevent data extraction for a specified interval
Moviri - Entuity Extractor

Added support to import the following metrics:

  • Performance metric: BYIFCLASS_DROP_PKT for QOS
Moviri - Pivotal Cloud Foundry Extractor

Added support to perform the following actions:

  • Set the polling period for Bosh and Application
  • Filter the virtual machines on the supported deployment during the polling phase
Moviri - Dynatrace Extractor

Added support to use the following items:

  • The service system tag for service workload
  • The disk path as a sub-object name for the BYFS_* metrics on hosts
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