This documentation supports releases of BMC Helix Continuous Optimization up to December 31, 2021. To view the latest version, select the version from the Product version menu.

Handling ETL lookup name

When an ETL creates a system, the Continuous Optimization loader uses the values of the following properties:

  • ds_sysnm for the lookup name.
  • sysnm for the name displayed in the console.

By default, if an ETL extractor with a single lookup table populates sysnm and ds_sysnm fields with FQDNs, before the data is loaded into the database, the ETL loader removes the domain suffix from sysnm and leaves ds_sysnm as it is.

To remove the domain suffix from ds_sysnm

  1. Navigate to Administration> ETL & SYSTEM TASKS > Add > Add ETL.
  2. Click Advanced to view the advanced configuration options.
  3. Expand Loader configuration and set Remove domain suffix from data source name to true, as shown in the figure:

To include the domain suffix in sysnm, set Leave domain suffix to system name to true.

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