AWS views

Use AWS views to view and manage the capacity of entities such as EC2 instances and EBS volumes in your Amazon Web Services (AWS) infrastructure. AWS views are based on cloud database structures. These views provide an overview of available capacity, utilization, trends, and residual capacity in terms of CPU, memory, and datastore utilization for each entity. 

The following image illustrates the capabilities of AWS views:

Certified data source

The certified data source for these views is Amazon Web Services - AWS API Extractor ETL. You must configure and run this ETL module to import data into the view. 

If you are importing data from an ETL module other than the certified data source, ensure that you have populated all the metrics in the ETL module so that the view shows the data.

Metrics collected for additional AWS monitoring scripts

Some metrics in the AWS views are available only when the monitoring scripts for Amazon EC2 instances are run. For more information, see Entities, lookup information, and metrics for AWS API ETL.

Using the views

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