Pivotal Cloud Foundry view - PCF Services

The BMC Helix Continuous Optimization Pivotal Cloud Foundry View - Services is designed for presenting the capacity status pf the Pivotal Cloud Foundry component virtual machines, rather than Diego Nodes.

PCF Services page provides an overview table. The table below summarizes the information that is provided by the tab, by selecting hidden columns, you can see all the provided columns:

Column name


PCF Foundation nameName of the PCF Foundation (Deployment) this PCF service belong to
PCF Domain nameName of the PCF Domain this PCF service belong to
PCF Service NameName of the PCF Service
Real MemoryTotal memory size of this PCF Service
Bottleneck resourceBottleneck resources of this PCF Service
Days to SaturationDays to saturation for this PCF Service
CPU Utilization %CPU utilization for this PCF Service
Memory Utilization %Memory utilization for this PCF Service
Used Disk Space %Disk used space percentage for this PCF Service
Ephemeral Disk Used %Ephemeral Disk used space percentage of this PCF Service
Efficiency scoreThe efficiency score of this PCF Service
Usage ScoreUsage score of this PCF Service, warning threshold is 90
Risk ScoreRisk score related to this PCF Service, according to days to saturation, warning threshold is 90

For more information about how the bottleneck, score indicators, and days to saturation are calculated, refer to the Pivotal Cloud Foundry View documentation page.

Here's a snip of the PCF Services page:

By selecting a PCF Service, you will be redirected to the detail page Pivotal Cloud Foundry PCF Services, providing charts of the most important metrics, related to the system taken into account.

There are two pages under PCF Service Details: Summary and Configuration Details. The summary provides the overview of the capacity status of the most important metrics, and Configuration details provide the details of the configuration metrics.

For more information related to how the metrics are computed, please refer to the Pivotal CF service integrator documentation

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