Monitoring services

A service is a logical group of applications, middleware, security, storage, networks, and other subservices that work together to achieve a comprehensive, end-to-end business goal. 

As an operator, you can view all services on the Services page to get quick insight about service health and availability. 

The Services page displays all services from the components, which are integrated with  BMC Helix Portal . For more information, see Supported integrations and data sources for BMC Helix AIOps.

To monitor services

  1. In the BMC Helix AIOps console, click Entities to view the Services page. 
  2. (Optional) The Services page displays the count of services categorized by service severity. Click a service severity to view or hide services of that severity.

  3. (Optional) Next to Views, select one of the following views:
    • Tile view : By default, services are displayed in the tile view. Each tile represents a service and displays the service name, service impact score, and the count of events, incidents, and impacted CIs associated with the service.
    • Heatmap view : Displays the service details in a hierarchical format as shown in the following image: 

      The services are color-coded by severity:


      If the service model has more than two hierarchical levels, the heatmap view displays only the leaf nodes and their parent nodes. To view the nodes of the other levels, click any of the parent nodes that are displayed in the heatmap view.

  4. From the Action menu , launch the Managed Services page to create, edit, and delete services from BMC Helix Discovery. For more information, see Configuring services.

Where to go from here

To view the individual service details such as metrics, topology, and probable causes, see Viewing service health, topology, metrics, and probable cause analysis.

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