Monitoring and investigating situations

Use the Situations page to monitor situations. To understand the concept of situations and how they are useful, see Situations.

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Performing event operations.


Click Situations to view all situations that are identified from the BMC Helix Operations Management correlated events.

The Situations page displays the status, severity, priority, and event count for situations in addition to a method to investigate each situation further.

Severity is color coded as per the standard specification. The following image shows various situations:

To view and investigate a situation

As a tenant administrator, you can monitor and investigate situations as the need arises.

  1. In the BMC Helix AIOps console, click Situations
  2. On a Situation tile, click Investigate to view the following details:
    • Situation name, severity, incident ID (if available), status, last modification date, and number of events
    • Correlation event details such as event message, the impacted host, occurrence, severity, priority, and status

  3. Click any event message to view the following event details: 
    • Event name, severity, priority, and status
    • Event assignee details
    • Date when the event first occurred and was last modified
    • Event class details. For more information, see  EVENT base event class.

  4. (Optional) Click Close Situation if its status is Open or Assigned.

  5. Click Yes.
    The status changes to Closed.

    What happens to the events when I close a situation?

    All the correlated events except alarm events are closed.

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