Accessing and navigating the BMC Helix AIOps console

BMC Helix AIOps is a service on the BMC Helix Portalthat you can use to view widgets that enable you to monitor the system health, enables you to reduce the event noise, allows you to perform the probable cause analysis, and boosts the remediation opportunities with machine learning and automation analytics of your integrated environment.

This section explains how to access and navigate the BMC Helix AIOps console.


Register for BMC Helix AIOps

Note: The following steps apply only for the existing BMC Customers. If you are a new customer, contact BMC Sales Team for assistance.

  1. Existing customers need to contact their BMC Account Manager for registration requests.
  2. Complete the registration to request for free trial. Provide your office email ID.
  3. Confirm your registration. You will receive an account verification email.
  4. Review the activation email to find a link to activate your account and the tenant administrator user name. Click the link and set the tenant administrator password. The tenant administrator is the first user who logs in to the product. This link for setting the password remains active for 72 hours only, after which it expires.
  5. Log in to BMC Helix Portal using the tenant administrator user name and product URL received in the activation email.

For any other queries, contact BMC Support.


Launch BMC Helix AIOps

License requirement

Ensure that you have BMC Helix Operations Management license to use BMC Helix AIOps.

When your account is created, you receive the URL and the credentials to log in to the BMC Helix Portal.

  1. Log in to the BMC Helix Portal. For more information, see BMC Helix Portal.
  2. Click the BMC Helix AIOps tile.


Configure the BMC Helix Intelligent Integration

Configure third-party integrations using BMC Helix Intelligent Integration to ingest event and device data. For more information, see Configuring the integration with TrueSight Operations Management.


Explore the AIOps console

Based on your role and permissions, you can access one or more of the following features in the BMC Helix AIOps console.

  1. Click the Overview tab to view and analyze the AIOps monitoring data displayed as widgets. For more information, see Getting started with BMC Helix AIOps monitoring.
  2. Click the Entities tab to view all services. For more information, see Monitoring services.
  3. Click the Situations tab to view all situations. For more information, see Monitoring and investigating situations.
  4. Click the Configurations tab to manage services. For more information, see Configuring services.
  5. Click the Application Switcher option to log in to other products that are available as per your license entitlements. An example product list is shown in the following image:
  6. Click the Configure option to use the following built-in common services to set up role-based access control (RBAC):
    • User Management
    • Group Management
    • Roles and Permissions

    For more information, see  Setting up role-based access control.

Time zone and locale preferences

In BMC Helix AIOps, the time zone and locale preferences are inherited from your browser preferences. For example, if your browser time zone is set to UTC, the time displayed on the AIOps console will be as per the UTC time zone.

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