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This space provides release information for BMC-provided integration plug-ins for a variety of applications and environments.


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Integration Plug-in Releases

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Release Date

Further information

Plug-in ID

Current Version

JenkinsApril 2024Control-M for Jenkins



OCI VMApril 2024Control-M for OCI VM



AWS LambdaApril 2024Control-M for AWS Lambda



AWS DynamoDBApril 2024Control-M for AWS DynamoDB



AirbyteApril 2024Control-M for Airbyte



Azure DevOpsFebruary 2024Control-M for Azure DevOps 



GCP DataplexDecember 2023Control-M for GCP DataplexGDQ1120231.0.00
GCP Data FusionNovember 2023Control-M for GCP Data Fusion



TerraformNovember 2023Control-M for Terraform



AWS BackupOctober 2023Control-M for AWS Backup



GCP WorkflowsOctober 2023Control-M for GCP Workflows



AWS Mainframe ModernizationSeptember 2023Control-M for AWS Mainframe ModernizationAMM0820231.0.00
AWS CloudFormationSeptember 2023Control-M for AWS CloudFormationACF0820231.0.00
Azure Resource ManagerSeptember 2023Control-M for Azure Resource ManagerZRM0820231.0.00
GCP Deployment ManagerSeptember 2023Control-M for GCP Deployment ManagerGDM0820231.0.00
GCP FunctionsAugust 2023Control-M for GCP FunctionsGFU0720231.0.00
TableauAugust 2023Control-M for TableauTAB0720231.0.00
Web Services RESTAugust 2023Control-M for Web Services RESTRST0720231.0.00
Web Services SOAPAugust 2023Control-M for Web Services SOAPSOP0720231.0.00
AWS AthenaJuly 2023Control-M for AWS AthenaAAT0520231.0.00
GCP DataprepJuly 2023Control-M for GCP DataprepGDR0520231.0.00
Azure BackupJuly 2023Control-M for Azure BackupABK0420231.0.01
AWS ECSJuly 2023Control-M for AWS ECSACS0420231.0.03
DBTJuly 2023Control-M for dbtDBT0420231.0.00
GCP BigQueryMay 2023Control-M for GCP BigQueryGBQ1020221.0.01
GCP BatchApril 2023Control-M for GCP BatchGBA0320231.0.01
Communication Suite: Microsoft Teams, Slack, Telegram, and WhatsAppApril 2023Control-M Communication SuiteCOM0320231.0.00
Micro FocusApril 2023Control-M for Micro Focus

Windows: MFW022023

Linux: MFL022023



Azure Machine LearningMarch 2023Control-M for Azure Machine LearningZML0220231.0.01
AWS SageMakerMarch 2023Control-M for AWS SageMakerASM02202231.0.01
AWS Step FunctionsMarch 2023Control-M for AWS Step FunctionsASF0120231.0.03
AWS QuickSightMarch 2023Control-M for AWS QuickSightAQS0120231.0.01
AWS BatchJanuary 2023Control-M for AWS BatchABA0920221.0.01
AWS Data PipelineJanuary 2023Control-M for AWS Data PipelineADP1220221.0.01
Azure Logic AppsJanuary 2023Control-M for Azure Logic AppsZLA1120221.0.00
AWS Glue DataBrewJanuary 2023Control-M for AWS Glue DataBrewADB1120221.0.01
TrifactaJanuary 2023Control-M for TrifactaATR1220221.0.01
SnowflakeJanuary 2023Control-M for Snowflake


SFI122022 (IdP)



Qlik CloudJanuary 2023Control-M for Qlik CloudQLC0920221.0.02
AWS EC2January 2023Control-M for AWS EC2AEC0820221.0.01
Azure Virtual MachineJanuary 2023Control-M for Azure Virtual MachineZVM0620221.0.01
GCP Virtual MachineJanuary 2023Control-M for GCP Virtual MachineGVM0620221.0.00
Automation AnywhereJanuary 2023Control-M for Automation AnywhereAAR0720221.0.02
AWS EMRJanuary 2023Control-M for AWS EMRAEM0720221.0.02
Azure Synapse AnalyticsJanuary 2023Control-M for Azure SynapseZSY0620221.0.01
Azure HDInsightJanuary 2023Control-M for Azure HDInsightAHD0620221.0.00
Azure Batch AccountsJanuary 2023Control-M for Azure Batch AccountsZBA0420221.0.02
Talend Data ManagementJanuary 2023Control-M for Talend Data ManagementTDM0520221.0.04
GCP DataprocOctober 2022Control-M for GCP DataprocGDP0420221.0.00
Power BIOctober 2022Control-M for Power BIMBI0420221.0.04
BoomiOctober 2022Control-M for BoomiBOO0320221.0.01
DatabricksOctober 2022Control-M for DatabricksDBX0320221.0.05
GCP DataflowOctober 2022Control-M for GCP DataflowGDF0320221.0.01
Azure FunctionsOctober 2022Control-M for Azure FunctionsZFN0320221.0.03
UiPathOctober 2022Control-M for UiPathUIP0720211.0.01
Informatica Cloud ServicesOctober 2022Control-M for Informatica CSICS0320221.0.04
Azure DatbricksOctober 2022Control-M for Azure DatabricksZDX1120211.0.04

Azure Data Factory

October 2022 Control-M for Azure Data Factory
AWS GlueOctober 2022Control-M for AWS GlueGLU0620211.0.03

Control-M Integration Identification for BMC Customer Support

Before you open a case with BMC Customer Support, you need to obtain the specific Control-M Integration tracking number. 

The following information is required:

  • Product = Control-M Integrations
  • Version = 1.0.00
  • Component = (Specific Integration DR)
  • Version = 1.0.00
  • Subject = Integration name + Integration version
  • Support ID = Customer ID

The Integration tracking number is available in the following locations:

  • Configuration domain in Helix Control-M (Integration name + version)
  • {applicationid}.dat file collected by the Health Check utility
  • ctmgetcm utility


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