Voting on approval requests via email

If you are a designated approver, you can vote via email. You can also include comments with your vote.

To vote on an approval request via email

  1. Open the message about the record on which you need to vote.
  2. Click Reply.
  3. Do not change the subject of the email; it contains important information about the record and is needed by FootPrints to update the correct record.

  4. In the body of the email message:

    1. Enter your vote in the format VOTE=<vote type>. Your vote type can be one of the following:

      • Approve

      • Reject
      • Defer
        For example, you can send an approval vote as VOTE=Approve
    2. (Optional) Include comments on your vote in the format VOTE COMMENT=<some text here>. For example, you might enter VOTE COMMENT=Make sure to contact Accounting for PO #.

  5. Click Send to send the update to FootPrints.
    The record is updated within a few minutes. Depending on the settings defined for your system and user ID, notifications may be sent when pertinent updates occur.

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  1. Linda Kirkpatrick

    Some clarity on item #4 would be you reply with "Accept" or "Approve"?


    In the body of the email message:

    1. Enter your vote in the format VOTE=<vote type>. Your vote type can be one of the following:

      • Accept

      • Reject 

      • Defer
        For example, you can send an approval vote as VOTE=Approve.

    May 06, 2016 07:41
    1. Deval Faldu

      Hello Linda,

      Thank you for you comment. I will check with the concerned SME and get back to you.

      Warm Regards,

      May 09, 2016 12:45
    1. Deval Faldu

      Hello Linda,

      Based on inputs from Don Cholish, I have updated the section. Do let me know if you have any additional feedback.

      Warm Regards,

      May 09, 2016 08:59
      1. Parivesh Jain

        is it possible to update ticket description as part of voting email. looks like FP just ignore everything if he sees Vote fields.

        Oct 19, 2018 09:19
  2. Courtney Meade

    I am using a dynamic field for the first approve/reject in our process. When the email sends we are getting an email back that states:

    Your vote for [Item: ITS $tore, Process: ITS $tore Workflow, State: Open] was not counted. You are not defined as an approver for this vote.

    The subject contains: Rejection Ticket= 3 ItemType= 9080 WS= 6586

    Does something more need added to the subject line because we have more than one approval in our workflow?

    If I log in under my name, I am able to vote without any issues. 

    Nov 22, 2017 10:26
    1. Pradnya Nagpure

      Hello Courtney,

          We would request you to contact the BMC Customer support who would resolve your query. Let us know if you have any further queries.

      Thanks and Regards,


      Dec 13, 2017 04:54
  3. Parivesh Jain

    We are submitting vote via email and everything is working as expected but a logical question, Whenever someone approve or reject request, it detail and voting comment goes in history. but a normal user reads description trail. he wont check history of ticket becz it will be too much info for him.

    Is there any way to update ticket description also as part of same email.

    I tried to send email like below, it capture voting response and its comment but not description.

    Vote=Reject Vote Comment=comment is here Description reject reason here

    Oct 19, 2018 08:47
    1. Dottie Wood

      Hi, Parivesh. Thanks for contacting us! We need more information from you to resolve your question effectively. Please submit a ticket with Customer Support by clicking here and using Select Another Country to access location-specific contact information.

      Nov 01, 2018 12:44