Viewing your tickets

You can view your tickets to track their progress. If your system is configured to allow it, you may also be notified of status changes via email.

Your tickets are listed at the bottom of your Home page. Global tickets that affect you or your location may also be listed. You can sort and filter the list, group the requests by a displayed field, or select which columns appear.

You can view your requests on the main tab of your Home page or search for particular records using the Search feature. For information about searching, see Searching in FootPrints.

To view a ticket

  1. On your Home page, locate the ticket that you want to view:
    • To sort the list, click the down arrow next to the field heading and select Ascending or Descending.
      The list refreshes, showing the tickets in the selected order. 
    • To filter the list:
      1. Click the down arrow next to the field heading on which you want to filter and select Filter
      2. In the text field that appears, type the filter value and press Enter.
        For example, you might enter "Closed" to view only your closed tickets or "password' to view only the tickets related to password issues. The list refreshes to show only the tickets that match your filter value.
    • To clear a filter, click the down arrow next to the field heading and clear the Filter check box.
      The list refreshes to show all of your tickets.
    • To show or hide columns:
      1. Click the down arrow next to a field heading and select Columns.
        A list of available fields appears.
      2. Select and deselect fields as needed.
        The list refreshes to match your selections. 
  2. Select the ticket and do either of the following:
    • To see basic information about your ticket, click Preview Pane.
      The Preview Pane opens at the bottom of the window, showing the top section of the ticket form. 
    • To see all information about your request, click View.
      The details pane appears in a new tab, showing all information available for your ticket. To view the latest updates made to the record data by another user after you opened the record in View mode, click the Refresh button.
  3. To close the details pane, click the small x on the View tab.

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