Viewing ticket history

If you configure the History section for a ticket form, you can view all actions that are performed on that ticket. The FootPrints system automatically creates the history records and you cannot modify them.

The following topics are provided:

Viewing ticket history on the web application

The actions that are triggered by a user or a rule are grouped under a single, expandable history record with events, username, and timestamp. When you expand a history event, you can see all actions related to that event. Each sub-event also contains the action, username, and date-time stamp. By default, you can view 200 rows per page, but you can change it according to your requirements.

The following information is maintained for each ticket field that was updated:

  • Event: The actions performed on the ticket record, such as "Changed Status", "Changed Priority", "Updated Description", and so on. The Event column describes any changes made to fields in subsequent history entries.
  • User: The user who performed the action. If the action was performed automatically, the name of the system component that performed the action is displayed in this column, such as a business rule or an email request.
  • Event Timestamp: The date and time the action was performed, based on the FootPrints server time.

Viewing ticket history on the mobile application

Viewing tickets

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