Viewing task logs

You can review the results of import tasks and other scheduled tasks on the Task Scheduler page.

To view task logs

  1. Select the Administration tab.
  2. In the System Management section, click Task Scheduler
    The Task Scheduler page is displayed, showing the scheduled tasks their status. The Job Status column identifies whether the task was completed successfully (Completed) or failed (Completed with Errors).
  3. Do any of the following:
    • Select a task to view the details in the preview window at the bottom of the window. The Recent Runs table is displayed showing details such as Run Date, Job Status, total Records, Created records, Updated records, Rejected records, and Unchanged records.
    • To view the Task Report, select the run of the task that you want to view and in the Run Date column of the table, click the date. Click additional links to view more detailed information about an entry.
    • In the Run Details table, review the specific errors for each record. The incorrect data appears in bold. For example, when importing users, an error of Primary Email is already used might appear. The Line column indicates the row in the import file where the error occurred. If several errors occur in a particular row, there will be several entries for that line, one for each error. The Run Details for imports are purged after 14 days.

    • In the Past Run Summary pane, click the linked entries to review previous runs. This pane shows the same information as the Recent Runs table but the entries are linked.

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