Version 11 capabilities introduced in version 12 and later

The following table lists the FootPrints version 11 features that were not available in FootPrints version 12 when it first came out, but are now available:


My Approval Required

You can create a search to view records that need approval from the specified user and the user who runs the search.

Ability to search for records that needs approval

You can create a search to view records that need approval from the specified user and the user who runs the search.

Ability to search for records assigned to your team

You can create a search to view records that are assigned to your team.

Ability to add a column to reports without losing filters

You can add a new column to reports without losing existing filters that were already saved with the report.

Time-Based rule with the Set color of record action is not considered as a record update

A Time-Based business rule with Set color of record action does not cause updates to a record. If a user is editing a ticket when a Time-based rule is executed for the Set color of record action, the user does not receive a message that the ticket has been updated and the user can continue to save the work.

Ability to select the workspaces to migrate from FootPrints version 11 to version 12

When administrators use the migration tools to move the configuration and data from FootPrints version 11 to version 12, they can select the workspaces that they want to migrate.

Email message sent to email addresses associated with known users will use user’s role

Email messages sent to email addresses of known users use user’s role to determine the permissions for the email address content. Also, the link in the email message provides the correct base URL based on the authentication method of the that email address of the user.

12.1.08Limiting which searches are shown to users based on Workspace affiliation

Limit searches that are visible to the users based on the workspace permissions.

Customer role permission: View their own and their organization's requests

Users with Customer role permission can view the requests created by them and any other users belonging to the same organization.

Visibility of business rule name in history

In the detailed record history, you can see the business rule that has made a specific change to a ticket or other record.

Simplified copy and paste options for images

You can copy and paste or drag images from the clipboard, library, or the web to the rich text editor fields to save time when inserting images.

Ability to copy Searches

Administrators can now copy an existing quick template, modify appropriate fields and save it as a new quick template.

Ability to assign records to creator as a member of their team

When using both the options, to assign to Creator and Creator’s Team in the same business rule, you can assign a record to two assignees, who are Creator and Creator's team.

12.1.07Saved search list limited by role

A more efficient access to the Saved Searches as FootPrints now eliminates the searches with content that the user does not have permission to view.

Improved keyboard navigation 

FootPrints provides additional keyboard shortcuts that users can use to navigate across the application. This enables you to perform your job efficiently.

Ability to migrate to an existing system already in use

Migrate version 11 configuration and data to a version 12 system that has already been configured and in use.

12.1.06Refresh button is now available in the View mode of a record

The Refresh button is now available in View mode of a record. With this button, you can get updated information about a record with a single click in the current view instead of having to close and reopen the record.

12.1.05Survey and email notifications sent are saved in Item History

Have a record of email addresses that were sent a notification for your auditing requirements.


View record history for all record types

Previously, you could only view the record history for Tickets. From FootPrints version 12.1.03, you can view the following history details for all other record types (such as CIs, Services, Contracts):

  • View updated the record
  • Time when it was last updated
  • Changes made to the record

Attachments for all record types

You can now attach files to any type of record in FootPrints, (such as CIs, Services, Contracts).

Retain column filters and sort order after grids refresh

The column filters and sort orders are retained even after you perform the following actions:

  • Automatic or manual page refresh
  • Ticket update

Users with customer role can use Dynamic SQL Field Mapper

When creating or editing records, customers can now populate fields with data from external sources.

Ability to use relative date criteria for searches and reports

In list views and reports, you can now get a list of records based on dates relative to today's date.
For example, you can get a list of Tickets with a due date in the next two hours, or a report on Tickets closed in the past three days.

Email Attachments with .zip and .exe extensions are now supported

In version 12.1.02 and earlier of FootPrints, the file attachments with .zip or .exe extensions were removed from a Ticket. Now, all attachments can be attached to a Ticket.


UI enhancements - Enter key to link a Contact to a Ticket

To search for records, to link with minimum number of clicks and keyboard presses, you can now press the Enter key to simulate the action of clicking the Link to button. This action of pressing the Enter key now works for any type of relationship; but it mainly benefits the action of linking a Contact to a Ticket. For more information, see Linking records to other records

Change management - Password for Approval option

When configuring an approval state in a Workflow, now you have the option of making it mandatory for a user to enter a password when approving or rejecting.
For more information, see Creating approval processes.


Customer Sign Up

Allow customers to self-register to create their own user accounts using Footprints Authentication. This can reduce a lot of administration overhead of creating and maintaining the user accounts. For more information, see Configuring Customer Sign-Up.

Assign Portals to User Roles

You can grant users segregated access to the portals depending upon their System Role. In short, based on the System Role level, you can decide which portal should be available for which user. This functionality is perfect for MSPs and organizations that need to create segregated and personalized experiences for their end users. For more information, see Configuring portals.

Configure both From and CC email address fields

You can configure which field the address of the sender of an email that creates a Ticket will be entered into. Additionally, you can also designate which field the email addresses of everyone in the To and CC part of the email will be entered into. For more information, see Configuring incoming email for workspaces.

View the details of linked records in View mode

Now, you have the option of double clicking a linked record to view its information in a view mode. Earlier, it was possible to view the information of a record only in the Edit mode. For more information, see Linking records to other records.

Inherit fields for templates when a record is created via a Business Rule

Records that get created as a result of a business rule using a template will inherit field values from the parent record if specified in the template. For more information, see Configuring Master Quick Templates  and Creating and managing Quick Templates.

Type ahead for drop-down fields

A list of values appears after you type the first value in the list field on a form. As you continue typing, the list is filtered to include only the members that begin with those values. 

12.1.00Global Tickets Subscription

The Subscribe to Global Ticket option is now available.

Edit lock feature

The feature to Edit lock for records (for agents) is now available.

12.0.001Embed Images in fieldsEmbed images in HTML fields, email templates, and dashboard widgets.
Auto link contact to ticketConfigure a rule to automatically link the contact record of the submitter to the ticket or link any matching record of any type based on rule criteria.
Auto Install ApplicationsConfigure FootPrints business rules to run advanced actions from BMC Client Management to do things like install applications on the requester assigned to the ticket’s computer.
Approval information in historySee who approved something, when they approved it, and what comments they had about it in the record’s history.
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