The section provides information about the prerequisites and process for upgrading FootPrints version 12 to a newer version.

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Upgrading FootPrints version 12 to a newer version


  • FootPrints can only be installed once on each server (not in parallel on one server).
  • After you upgrade to FootPrints version 12.1.07, if you open an existing dashboard, the charts saved before the upgrade are not visible on the dashboard.

    Workaround: Save the Analytics/UserConfigurationFiles folder before upgrading and replace this folder and restart Tomcat after upgrading.

Before you begin

  • Before upgrading, ensure that you read the release notes for all versions that have come out after the version from which you are upgrading. In this way, you will know of all changes that might affect you. For example, if you are upgrading to version 12.1.05 from version 12.1.0, you must read the release notes for all versions that were subsequently released after version 12.1.0 (12.1.01, 12.1.02, 12.1.03, and 12.1.04). For more information, see Release notes and notices.
  • Create a FootPrints 12 backup set before you begin the upgrade. For more information, see Knowledge Article number 000011116 (Support logon ID required).
  • Stop the Tomcat service.
  • Ensure that the TCP/IP protocol is enabled.

To perform the upgrade

  1. Log on to the system where you have FootPrints installed as an Administrator.
  2. Download the installer file.
    For more information, see Downloading the installation files.
  3. Extract the installer file contents into a temporary location.
  4. Double-click the setup file and click Yes if a security access message appears.
    (Windows) The file is named setup.exe.
    (Linux) The file is named setup.bin.
    The installer Welcome screen appears.
  5. If you want to install in a language other than English, click the down arrow and select a language. 
  6. Click OK.
    The Installer wizard verifies that your server meets the requirements and then the License Agreement pane appears.


    If you did not modify the Terminal Services settings, a notification window appears with instructions to update Terminal Services. You must exit the Installer, modify the settings, restart the server and, start the Installer wizard again.

  7. Select I agree and click Next.
    The Installation Documentation pane appears, offering a link to the Installation Guide.
  8. Click Next.
    The Backup Information page appears.
  9. If you have not backed up your system, you should do so before proceeding.
    For more information, see the support article.
  10. Select the I have backed up my FootPrints instance check box and click Next.
    The Update Preview pane appears, stating the initial and target versions for this installation.
  11. Click Install.
    The Updating pane appears, showing a progress bar. Depending on the size and complexity of your environment, the update may take a little time. When the installation has completed, the Update Summary pane appears.


    If a Validation Error pane appears, stating that the Tomcat service must be stopped before proceeding, do the following steps:

    1. Stop the service and return to the Update Installer window.

    2. Click Previous.
      The Update Preview pane appears again.

    3. Click Install and proceed to step 13.

  12. (Optional) To view the installation log, click View Log.
    The log details appear in a new window. You can click an error to view additional details. If a Tomcat server was installed, it will be started.
  13. Click Done.
    The installer closes all windows that it opened.
  14. Start the Tomcat service.
    Installation is completed.

If the upgrade fails, an error message is displayed and the application will not be accessible even after you start the Tomcat service. In this case, you must restore the backup set and not use the partially upgraded FootPrints application. For more information about restoring your backup set, see this support article

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