Types of tickets

Workspaces contain sets of related tickets that are worked on individually but managed together. The following ticket types are supported:

  •  Tickets: These include all of the other ticket types listed below. When you update tickets, email notifications are sent to the submitters, informing them of progress and then resolution. Multiple ticket types can be created by your administrator to control processing for particular types of issues. For example, there might be separate ticket types for incidents, for problems, and for change requests.
  • Global Tickets: Global Tickets are used to identify important or frequently reported issues that affect many users. Global Tickets can be broadcast to all agents, are displayed on agent Home pages, and can be displayed for customers. When a new ticket is reported with the same problem as that of a Global Ticket, agents can link the new ticket to the Global Ticket.
  • Quick Templates: Quick Templates contain prefilled information for standard types of customer problems and requests. For example, a Password Reset template might include a description of the problem, Network and Password Reset selected as the problem categories, and perhaps a Status of Closed. Agents may only need to provide minimal additional details to submit the ticket. Your Workspace Administrator can create as many Quick Templates as are needed.
  • Master Tickets and subtasks: Sometimes a ticket must be separated into subtasks for action by different users. When a ticket is linked to another ticket using the Master/Subtask link, the originating ticket automatically becomes the Master Ticket of that subtask. Multiple subtasks can be created for a ticket but subtask tickets cannot be linked to multiple Master Tickets. Master Quick Ticket templates can be used to create a Master Ticket and its related subtasks in one step. For example, there might be a Master Quick Ticket template for the New Hire process and the many tasks required for setting up a new employee. When you select one of these templates, the tasks are all set up for you.

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