Types of reports

The following table summarizes the different reports supported in FootPrints:

NameDescriptionAdditional information

Ticket Management Reports

Reports used to analyze the data associated with the following ticket life cycle events. BMC recommends that you use the Ticket Management reports for reporting on status trends over time. These reports use pre-calculated data and are generated much faster than custom reports.

See Creating Ticket Management reports.

  • Activity report
Shows how many tickets were active for a specific period so that you can observe the activity at various pointsSee Customizing Activity reports.
  • Average Age report
Shows the average age of unresolved ticketsSee Creating Average Age reports.
  • Ticket Lifecycle Statistics report
Displays comparison of tickets in a specified state for a given time periodSee Creating lifecycle comparison reports.
  • Resolution Response Rate report
Provides resolution response times of tickets for a given time periodSee Customizing Resolution Rate reports.
  • State 1 vs. State 2 report
Displays comparison of number of tickets in a given state with that of number of tickets in another state in a given time period. For example, differences between In Progress and Closed states of tickets.See Creating Status comparison reports.
  • State Transition Statistics report
Counts of tickets and average times for transition between statesSee Creating Status comparison reports.
  • Turn-around Time by Status report

Shows time metrics on tickets remaining in a particular state

See Creating Turn-around Time reports.
  • Turn-around Time between Statuses report
Shows time metrics on tickets moving from one state to anotherSee Creating Turn-around Time reports.
  • Watchlist report
Provides the number of tickets in a specified state; shows how many tickets with a specific value in that field were created, active, or created and active during a specified period.
See Creating Watchlist reports.

Service Portfolio report

Shows response or resolution times for SLAs during a specific period.
See Creating Service Portfolio reports.
Cross Item reportShows data on multiple ticket types in one or more workspaces.See Creating cross-item reports.
Time Tracking reportReports on Time Tracking statistics.See Creating Time Tracking reports.
Dashboard reportDisplays all your reports in a single view.See Customizing your Dashboard.
Custom reportShows data based on any combination of criteria. 

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