Types of form controls

When you customize forms, you may want to use form controls to present field data in a certain format to your users. These controls link to specific fields and show the data to your users in tables, with action buttons to work with the data. When working on your forms in design mode, you often will see only a placeholder (with no data or details). The data and other details are visible only in a production environment, and your users can see and use them when they create and edit records.


BMC recommends that you do not add more than 100 fields on a single form. If you add more than 100 fields, it might impact the application performance.

To use form controls, you drag and drop the desired form controls and then customize the properties to display the appropriate information. Form controls must be bound to a specific field so data will populate the fields listed in the control.

For example, you may want to add a Link control so users can select related tickets or assets and link them to the ticket they have open. Or, you may want to add an Assignment control where agents can select users and teams to assign to a ticket.

For detailed instructions on using form controls, see Configuring forms.

The following table briefly describes the available form controls and their function or purpose. The user actions explained in this table are available only in the production environment.



Asset Link ControlAdd a grid for selecting and linking to assets. This control is used as part of integrating BMC Client Management.
AssignmentAdd Assignment-type fields. When creating or editing records, users can select assignees (users) to add to the record.
Category Tree ControlDisplay a box for selecting a category, followed by Subcategory boxes as selections are made. Only available in Solution items and Service items.


Add Boolean-type fields.

Date SelectorDisplay a calendar. A Date Selector control can only be bound to a Date field type.

Date-Time Selector

Display a calendar plus hour and minute fields. A Date-Time Selector control can only be bound to a Date-Time field type.

Drop downAdd single-select fields.

HTML/Code Control

Insert HTML code or JavaScript code that will run when users create or edit a record and perform a certain action.

If you insert JavaScript in an HTML control, you must prefix it with JavaScript <script> tags or the script will not work.

ImageAdd an image to a form. Width and height must be specified in pixels. You can configure this control as Static (used during form design for uploading static images such as logos) or Dynamic (used when users can select and upload images that are attached to the current record).


Add labels and instructions. This field displays entered text or, when bound to a field, displays the values from that field as text.

Link Control

Add a grid for selecting and linking to tickets, contacts, solutions, and so on.

ListAdd multiselect fields. Make sure to change the height of this field to display all of the values.

Rich Editor Text Box

Allow users to format their text using HTML editing tools.

Single-Line Text BoxProvide text-entry fields with one line. This control can be bound to Integer, Real Number, Simple Text, and Textarea field types.
Multi-Line Text BoxProvide text-entry fields with one or more lines. This control can be bound to Integer, Real Number, Simple Text, and Textarea field types.


Add number entry fields. Users can either click the Up/Down arrows (next to the field) to select a number or can type a number into the field. This control can only be bound to Real and Integer field types.

URL/FTP Address

Create a link from a URL or FTP address field. When users create a record, this control appears as a single-line text field for entering the address. When users vaiew the record, the link appears nd can be clicked to open the destination in a browser window.

Work Schedule

Add a drop-down field where users can select from work schedules defined for the system.

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