Setting user preferences

When you log into FootPrints, the user portal configured for your user role appears. Most of the portal settings are controlled by Administrators but you can modify your user preferences and (if enabled for your system) enter your credentials for accessing BMC Client Management (BCM).

You can change your email addresses and localization settings, enter your BCM credentials, and update your Java installation. These settings are saved automatically and apply in all workspaces to which you belong.

To change your preferences

  1. At the top right corner of the application window, click the Welcome link and select Preferences.
    You are not required to change any fields on this page. What you change is up to you.
  2. In the Personal Information section, you can change any of the following:
    • Name: Change your display name. Changing this field does not change your user ID.
    • Primary Email: Change your email address for email notification. To add another email address, click Add email address and enter it in the text field. To identify your primary email address, select Send notifications to this address below the preferred email address.
    • Local Time Zone: By default, all dates and times are shown in the time zone where the FootPrints server resides. If you select a time zone from the drop-down list, displayed dates and times are adjusted to be accurate for that time zone but changing this setting does not affect how the data is stored.
    • Language: If the current FootPrints installation supports multiple languages, select a language for display. Language availability is configured by your Administrator.

    • Date Format: Select how dates are presented throughout the application. Options are:
      • American - MM/dd/yyyy
      • European - dd/MM/yyyy
      • ISO - yyyy-MM-dd
    • Click Save.
  3. (Optional) If BCM is enabled for your system, the BMC Client Management section is available. You can enter your credentials and update your Java installation.
    • BCM Authentication: Enter your BCM user name and password. Then, click Test Credentials to verify your access. A confirmation message appears.
    • Java Update: Integration with BCM requires a local installation of the Java runtime. Typically, this is done automatically when you first access a BCM feature from. If your Java installation becomes corrupt or out of date, you can manually correct it by clicking Update My Java Installation on this page.
  4. Click Save.
  5. Close the page.
    Your changes are effective immediately.

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