Searching in FootPrints

FootPrints offers multiple ways to find specific records in the database. You can search on keywords, ticket numbers, date ranges, and so on, as well as across containers (workspaces, CMDBs, and so on). Wildcard characters can be used, partial word search is supported, and you can limit the search to specific items such as change requests in a workspace. For more information about entering search values, see Search tips.

Once the records that you want are listed in the Search Results page, you can save your searches to access them later. Saved searches can be added as tabs in the record grids of Home pages and are also used to set parameters for generating reports.

Search options include:

  • Quick search: Search by entering a keyword, title, ticket number or other criteria. This option is available from any page in FootPrints. You can also search across containers by selecting specific containers in the Select item(s) list. For more information, see To search using Quick Search.
  • Advanced search: If authorized, you can define complex searches on all fields and criteria. Advanced searches is an option in the Select item(s) list. For more information, see Using Advanced Search and saving searches.
  • Saved searches: If authorized, you can save advanced search criteria and make them available to view in Dashboards and as views. Only users who are authorized to see the queried data can see the results. For more information, see Managing saved searches.

Searching any field

Only fields that are designated as Searchable by your administrator can be searched using Quick search. To search fields that are not designated as Searchable, you must create an Advanced Search that includes them. For more information, see Using Advanced Search and saving searches.

To search using Quick Search

  1. At the top right corner of the Home page, select one or more entries from the Select item(s) list, as required.


    To select multiple containers and items, hold down Shift or Ctrl key while clicking the entries in the Select item(s) list.

  2. Perform any of the following actions as per your requirements:
    • From the next list, select Contains and enter a number or a combination of numbers and letters in the Search field to perform a quick search.
    • From the next list, if you want to search a specific item by its ID, select ID and enter the value you want to search in the Search field.
    • If you are searching from Address Book Home page, select Equals and enter the value you want to search in the Search field to perform a quick search.
  3. In the Search field, enter the value you want to search.


    - If you are searching for values contained in a category selection tree, enter the path with a greater than sign and spaces between the parent and child. For example, to search for "Hardware > Peripherals > Mouse", you might enter "Peripherals > M" in the Search field.

    - If you want to limit the search to a specific container and item, type the record number you want to search. You can include the prefix or suffix to limit the number of records in the results list.

  4. Click .

    The records list refreshes to show only the records that match your search criteria and those that you are authorized to access. You can click headings on the results list and group or filter the list. For more information, see Filtering search results.


 Click to clear all the fields.

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