Scheduling auto-run reports

FootPrints can run any saved report automatically at regularly scheduled times. The reports can be saved to a file on the server, emailed to a list of addresses, or both.

Reports that include images or descriptions

If an auto-run report includes a logo, a chart, an embedded image, or a description, the report results are embedded in the body of the email. Otherwise, a standard email is sent in which report results are sent as an attachment.


Ensure that the report that you want to schedule is configured and produces the correct data. You must select an existing report to configure this task. For more information, see Configuring reports.

To schedule a report

  1. Select the Administration tab and then click Task Scheduler in the System Management section. 
    The Task Scheduler page appears.
  2. Click New task and select Auto-Run Report.
    The Schedule Report page appears.
  3. In the Properties section:
    1. In the Report Group field, select the report group, such as Ticket Management.
    2. In the Report Type field, select the report type, such as Activity.
      The available options vary depending on the group you selected.
    3. In the Report Name field, select the report name.
      The available options vary depending on the type you selected.
    4. In the Send report in this format field, select PDF or Excel, as required.
      PDF is the default format.
  4. In the left pane, click Recipients.
    In the Recipients section, ensure that at least one of the following fields is selected.
    1. (Optional) In the Address Book field, select the address book that contains the users you want to notify.
    2. (Optional) In the Address Book Contacts field, select the Address Book Contacts.
      The available options vary depending on the Address Book you selected.
    3. (Optional) In the Users field, select the required Users.
    4. (Optional) In the Email Addresses field, enter one or more email addresses, as required. To specify multiple email addresses, separate the email addresses by a comma (,).
    5. (Optional) In the Save report to folder on server field, select the location to save the report.
  5. In the left pane, click Schedule Task.
    The Schedule Task section:
    1. In the Task Name filed, enter the name of the task.
      Auto-Run Report is the default name of the task. 
    2. (Optional) In the Notes field, type any useful information about this report.
  6. In the Schedule time to load information section:
    1.  Select Immediately to schedule the report to run immediately.
    2. Select Load at the following time to schedule the report to run at a particular time.
      In the Time field, select the required date and time. 
  7. In the Repeat Task list, select one of the following:
    • No recurrence—If you do not want to repeat the task.
    • Daily—To repeat the task on the selected days of the week.
      Select the days of the week and select the time, as required.
    • Weekly—To repeat the task every week on a selected day.
      Select the particular day of the week and select the time, as required.
    • Monthly—To repeat the task every month on a selected day.
      Select the particular day of the month and select the time, as required.
  8. Click Schedule Task on the top-left corner of the Schedule Report page.

To review scheduled task results, return to the Task Scheduler page and click a link in the task row to view the details.

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    When defining multiple "Individual Email Recipients" each recipient has to defined as a comma separated list. 

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