Quick Templates

Quick Templates contain prefilled information for frequently reported customer issues, such as requesting software updates. Users may only need to fill in a few details to submit the ticket so they can submit their tickets more quickly and easily. Your Administrator can create as many templates as needed to cover the most commonly reported issues.

Master Quick Templates are used to open sets of related tickets for more complex issues. When you select a Master Quick Template, the related subtask tickets are created automatically and assigned to the appropriate agents or teams.

For example, for a New Hire Master Quick Template, the following actions might occur:

  • The Network Administrator is assigned to create a new network ID for the employee.
  • The Telephony Administrator is assigned to get the employee a new phone.
  • The Inventory Control team is assigned to get the user a new PC.
  • The assignees, the customer, or both are sent email notifications that the ticket (or tickets) were created.

Tickets created with a Master Quick Template work like any other ticket. They can be edited, deleted, reassigned, and closed. Escalation rules apply to them the same as to any other ticket.

To use Quick Templates, select the appropriate template when creating or editing a ticket. For detailed instructions, see Creating tickets.

For more information, see the Related topics.

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