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As an end user, administrator, or project manager for your FootPrints roll out, you might need documentation and video tools that you can share with others. This topic describes and links to PDFs and videos that support this product release. You can also make your own PDFs for any topic in the wiki if the ready-made PDFs of this space do not satisfy your requirements.


You can create a custom PDF for a specific topic, a topic and its children, or a group of topics with a specific label. For information about how you can export a custom PDF from this space, see Exporting to PDF and other formats.


The following table lists topics that contain videos that supplement or replace the text-based documentation.

To see additional videos, see FootPrints v12 Video Series on BMC Communities.

CategoryTopics with videos
Using FootPrints with an Agent role

There is no content with the specified labels

Using FootPrints with a Customer role

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