Managing configuration settings

As you work through the extensive configuration options available in FootPrints, you may find it difficult to keep track of the settings already implemented, those you have made but not published, and which settings apply to which containers. You may also want to use certain standards in all containers or only those of a certain type.

To review the configuration settings for a specific container, you can run a configuration report. This report can be run as often as you like and includes very detailed information about the container, its items, rules, and so on.

You can export the configuration data for a container, store it for later use or for change management tracking purposes, and import that data back into the same container to reset the values.

Configuration reports are also useful when multiple administrators are performing the same changes across a number of containers or for handing off part of the work to another administrator. You can run a new report at any time; it takes only a few minutes.

For more information, see Exporting container configurations and Importing container templates.

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