Known and Corrected issues in version 12.1.09

Corrected issues for version 12.1.09 and its patches

The following issues were corrected in version 12.1.09 and includes the issue corrected for Patch 001.

Corrected issue for version

The following issue was corrected for Patch 001 (version

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Core featureDefect#Description
UpgradeDRZNZ-4057If you apply filters to reports in Service Analytics, after you upgrade to FootPrints version 12.1.09, the filters are not retained.

Corrected issues for version 12.1.09

This section lists the corrected issues for the 12.1.09 release.

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Core featureDefect#Description


If you used Microsoft SQL database servers for FootPrints with languages that required double-byte encoding, such as Russian, or Japanese, the text entered in the fields of a record was replaced by random symbols like ?.



If you configured a large number of Saved Searches with multiple conditions for each search, the Manage Searches list took a long time to load.

Business Rules


If the user did not have edit permission for fields that were used to configure a business rule with the On Linked Item Create or On Linked Item Update trigger and Setting field value criteria, the business rule was not triggered.


If the default value of a single select field was blank, while creating or editing a ticket, you could not use type-ahead functionality on the single select field.



After upgrading to FootPrints version 12.1.07, you could not use the previously saved field mappings for a new import task. 

Business RulesDRZNZ-2595

If you configured two External Data Source lookups and the first lookup populated the field value that was used for the second lookup, the second lookup was not automatically triggered if the When a dependent lookup field is populated as a result of this lookup option was enabled in the first lookup.

Business RulesDRZNZ-2594If you configured an On Screen business rule for a Simple Text field with multiple conditions for the criteria, the business rule was triggered based on the first criterion only.

If you ran the FootPrints 12 Migration Advisor on FootPrints version 11 with Windows Authentication enabled, the migration failed and the advisory report showed the following message:
Windows Authentication has been discontinued in FootPrints 12. You will need to configure your authentication using LDAP.

Role PermissionsDRZNZ-2426

If you had set up a recurring import from LDAP with the Update existing Users option not selected, although the role of an already imported user was changed, the assigned user’s role reverted to the role that was assigned after the user was imported.

Application GeneralDRZNZ-2339If you were using FootPrints on a Microsoft Internet Explorer browser, when you clicked the Link to option to link a configuration item (CI) to a ticket, the results in the Search Lookup window took a long time to load. 
Item RuntimeDRZNZ-2315If a workspace contained a large number of fields, during configuration of the criteria for a business rule, no fields were displayed in the Fields list. This issue occurred if you used FootPrints on a Microsoft Internet Explorer or a Microsoft Edge browser.

If the CC field in an incoming email message contains more than 255 characters, the ticket is not created and a data truncation error message is sent to the FootPrints application.

SearchDRZNZ-2201When a Saved Search was added to agent and customer consoles, after a column was deleted from the search, the customer console did not reflect the change.
Address BookDRZNZ-2193The updated information of a contact from an external address book such as LDAP was not updated in the FootPrints application.
Business RulesDRZNZ-2126The Send email to business rule with the Addresses in a linked record action sends an email message to all email addresses in all linked records instead of only ones that are specified in the rule.
Application GeneralDRZNZ-2118If you added Unicode characters to the Description field of a ticket, an error message was displayed.
DRZNZ-1745An After Save business rule with an On Update trigger failed to send broadcast messages each time the rule was triggered.


When configuring an After Save business rule with the On Update by User trigger, if you select Status in the Field list of the Criteria section, the Changed option was not available in the Conditions list.
Service Analytics


When you tried to export reports with large data sets, if you used the Calculated Description attribute for the report configuration, the export of reports caused severe performance and timeout issues.
Application General


If a Rich Text field with journaling enabled is included in an email message, duplicate values were added to the field for the last entry from the email message. 
Business Rules


If you configured an After Save business rule with the Send Survey email action, the ticket was saved after a delay.
System Administration


If you used FootPrints in the French language, in the Manage Searches window, the first character of the results was missing.
Service Analytics


While creating reports in Service Analytics, navigating around certain actions with mouse clicks took up time and caused performance issues.
Web Services


The links that were sent for surveys or password resets that contained null-byte characters caused a null-byte injection web attack that was a security threat.


After you added a new saved search view to a custom portal, the existing list of saved searches took more time to load.
Application General


If you deleted an original CI from a CMDB container created by using an ITSM template, when you tried to publish the container, the container was not published and an error message was displayed.

Known issues for version 12.1.09

The following known issues remain open in the 12.1.09 release.

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Core FeaturePM#DescriptionDate



Sometimes, the Calendar console takes more than a minute to show data.2018-04-04

Application General


Sometimes, when using the type ahead functionality on the Assignee field, the results are displayed with a delay and a timeout error occurs.

Workaround: Use the ellipse option to select the assignees.



When updating CIs, although you do not map the Assignee field when you run the import task again, the previously imported values of the Assignees field are cleared from the CIs.2018-04-04

Workflow Processes


If you delete the built-in rules for an approval state, you cannot publish the workspace container.2018-04-04

System Administration


You cannot open the FootPrints.log file under the following conditions:

  • You selected the Screen all email for Out of Office filters option in the Incoming Email (System) settings
  • You receive an incoming email message with a word that you added to the filtered list in the subject line.
Workaround: Use the text editor to open the FootPrints.log file.
Business RulesDRZNZ-4297If you created a linked ticket by using a quick template that has a generic linking business rule attached, when you edit the first linked record, although all criteria for the business rule is not matched, the business rule is still triggered. 2018-04-04

Global Ticket


If you have the customer role permission for a container, when you try to subscribe to a global ticket, an access denied error message is displayed.

Workaround: Ask an agent who has permission to the workspace to subscribe on your behalf.
Web BrowserDRZNZ-4298

When using FootPrints on the Mozilla Firefox browser version 52.x, 54.x, or ESR, on the Attachments tab of a ticket, if you try to add or download an attachment, the following error message is displayed:
Client Exception. Error : Permission denied to access property "node type"


Knowledge Base


When using FootPrintes version 12.1.08 or later, if you try to vote for the Was this Knowledge Article useful to you? question for a knowledge article, an unexpected error message is displayed.


Email Notification


If an email template contains embedded images, each time you reply to an email notification, the embedded images are added as attachments to the email message.
Workaround: Do not embed images in email notification templates.


Global Ticket


If you try create a new link to the global ticket by using the Subscribe link, the value of the Global field is reset to No.




The slow operation of the calendar API causes performance issues.2018-03-28

Application General


Sometimes, when you try to retrieve the active user sessions in FootPrints by using an SQL query, the query fails to run and the following error message is stored in the FootPrints.log file:

subquery has returned more than 1 value.

Service Analytics


In Service Analytics, if the report contains more than 14 rows of data and you use the bar graph to display the data, the data from the 15th row is clubbed together and displayed as Other instead of separate bars.2018-03-28



New calendar entries are created and an error message is displayed each time you save the same calendar entry under the following conditions:

  • If you clear the Enable Email Notification check box in the Notifications (System) settings.
  • If you save the calendar entry with the Email me check box selected.
Workaround: Ignore the error and continue to create the calendar entry.

Application General


While trying to edit a field, if you close the edit option by using the item link multiple times, the following error message is displayed:

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'on' of undefined

Email Notification


A survey email message incorrectly includes the text that implies that a user can reply to the email message.2018-03-19



If you rename fields multiple times, the data displayed in the columns of an Advanced Search, is not displayed correctly.


Knowledge Base


The label of the User Comment section in a Solution form is displayed with an overlapping text. 2018-03-15



When you sort the data in the Log Viewer, the sorting is applied only to the data in the current page instead of all pages.2018-03-15



If you add or edit an email template in a workspace, on the Grid view, the value of the Is Published field is not changed to No.2018-03-15



While creating an Advanced Search, if you configure the search condition using the Keyword field, the search is not performed using the full text indexing.2018-03-15



If you try to perform a quick search using Japanese characters, the search does not return any results.


Application General


If you use FootPrints in a non-English language with a custom theme, the text in the fields labels for the Mass Email task scheduler overlaps with the fields choices.


Application General


When you try to subscribe to a global ticket manually, in the warning message that is displayed, the word Administrator is spelt incorrectly.2018-03-15

Editing field dependencies of a container causes performance issues and sometimes, a timeout error occurs.

Application GeneralDRZNZ-4019

On the Ticket View console, the value in the Date type field is displayed as NaN/NaN/0NaN, under the following conditions:

  • If the value of the Date Format field is European
  • If the date is after the 12th of any month

Workaround: Use the American or ISO date format.

ConsolesDRZNZ-4020If your user session times out or you refresh the browser, after you login, the previously opened tabs under the Administration tab are now opened under the Home tab.
Workaround: Close and reopen the tabs after logging in.                                           
BMC Client ManagementDRZNZ-4036

An advanced action is not performed on the asset that is linked to a ticket when a business rule is triggered under the following conditions:

  • If Footprints is integrated with BMC Client Management
  • If you try to perform an advanced action by using a quick template
  • If you configure an After Save business rule with Execute pending Advanced Action in BMC Client Management action

Workaround: Manually perform the advanced actions to the ticket.


Knowledge Base


The User Comments section in a Solution form is displayed before a solution is saved instead of after the solution is saved.2018-02-28

 An import task fails under the following conditions:

  • If the Emails must have @domainname suffix check box is selected
  • If the domain name of the user’s email address contains a dash (-)

Workaround: This workaround is applicable only if you are not using the LDAP filter. Use the following attributes for the import task:

  • LDAP Filter [attribute]: mail
  • LDAP Filter [value]: *
Workflow Rules


If the states used to configure the On Transition workflow rules contain accented characters, after you upgrade to FootPrints version 12.1.08, the rules do not work.
Workaround: After the upgrade, update each element of the On Transition rule.




When using the ISO or European date format, on the View grid, the filtering does not work under the following conditions:

  • If you apply the filter on the Date-Time field
  • If the date is before the 13th of a month



If you try to install FootPrints in a silent mode using an existing database, the installation fails and the following error message is displayed:
Workaround: Perform the FootPrints installation using the default fpdb001 database and rename the database after the installation is complete.

User ManagementDRZNZ-2002When you edit a user role of a container, although you use the Continue without saving option, the changes that you make to the user role are still saved.2018-02-20
Service AnalyticsDRZNZ-3886In Service Analytics, if you include a custom journaled enabled field in a custom report, although there are multiple entries for the field, the report displays only the last entry.2018-02-20
Role PermissionsDRZNZ-3880If you select the Enable BCM checkbox for a workspace, after you publish the workspace, the default permissions in the Item Permissions pane for all workspace roles are reset to No.
Workaround: After you publish the workspace, relogin into FootPrints.
Application GeneralDRZNZ-3870If FootPrints receives an email message with an  exclamation mark (!) in the subject, the UTF-8 characters are not converted into double-byte characters and gibberish text is displayed as subject.2018-02-20
Workflow ProcessesDRZNZ-3868In a workspace, if you group only two states in a Workflow Process, after you delete one of the two states from the group, the grouping is removed. However, the business rules linked to the grouping are not deleted which causes workspace publishing errors.
Workaround: Ungroup first or add a new state to the group before deleting the existing state.          
Application GeneralDRZNZ-3865The fpscdb001_system.v_cntnr_item_rules_stats view in the database contains an incorrect join, because of which the view does not return the recorded stats for business rules.2018-02-20
Business RulesDRZNZ-3864If you configure a Time-based business rule with the Business Rule Schedule set to a custom work schedule, when you publish the container and then delete the custom work schedule, the workspace is still published without any errors displayed on screen. However, the error messages are stored in the FootPrints.log file in the database which causes high database activities and database locks.
Workaround: Before you publish the workspace, reconfigure the business rules to select a valid work schedule.
Web ServicesDRZNZ-3862If you store your passwords in the Google Chrome browser settings, when you try to login to the FootPrints web portal, the browser settings auto fills the username and password. This can cause potential security issues.2018-02-20
BMC Client ManagementDRZNZ-3850Although an agent has a valid BMC Client Management license, when the agent tries to perform any advanced action on an asset, the action is not completed and an error message is displayed. This issue occurs because the BMC Client Management license does not have access to the Inventory module.2018-02-20
Workflow Processes


If multiple approval states of ticket are active at the same time, the votes sent by email messages are received in the wrong order and are rejected.
Workaround: Vote via the GUI.
Business ruleDRZNZ-3813If you configure an After Save business rule with the Time-based trigger and Set field value with the Copy from another field option set to an assignment field as the only action, the business rule fails. However, if you add any additional action to the business rule, business rule runs as expected.
Workaround: Add any additional action to the business rule.
Service AnalyticsDRZNZ-3795In Service Analytics, if you try to generate a custom report using the Date field of workspace and the DateDiff formula with the Now variable, the report does not contain any data.2018-02-20
Workflow ProcessDRZNZ-3091Although a ticket is not approved by a user, the ticket is automatically approved under the following conditions:
  • If the workflow process has at least one approver state.
  • If the user changes the ticket state between an approver and a non-approver state multiple times with the final state as the approver state.  
Workflow ProcessDRZNZ-3018If you add an approval state as one of the two initial states in a workflow process, although a ticket is approved, the ticket state is still shown as Voting in Progress.2018-02-20
Role PermissionsDRZNZ-3770Agents with the Edit all shared searches permission cannot delete the saved searches created by other agents.2018-02-20
Business RuleDRZNZ-3756If the last user to edit a ticket is a customer, a business rule with the Change assignment of Ticket action with the Last Edited By checkbox selected incorrectly assigns the ticket to the customer instead of the agent who last edited the ticket.2018-02-20
Business RuleDRZNZ-3714A business rule with the Change field visibility action and the visibilty of the field set as Show field is not displayed with an asterisk (*) denoting that the field is mandatory.2018-02-20
ConsolesDRZNZ-3621If the Ticket View console does not contain any data, only the Container and the Item Name columns are displayed.2018-02-20
System AdministrationDRZNZ-3685If you switch between a workspace tab and a configuration report multiple times, all tabs disappear.2018-02-20
BMC Client ManagementDRZNZ-3691When creating a ticket, after you select a contact and try to link an asset before saving the ticket, an error message is displayed.    
Workaround: Save the ticket before linking the asset.

Application General


If you linked configuration items, sometimes in Service Analytics, while running a saved search with a specific criteria, the value for the Configuration ID field is not displayed.


Business Rule


If a ticket is created because of a business rule with the Create new record action, the entries in the Description field are displayed in the reverse order than the original ticket.


While creating an Advanced Search, on the Search For tab, although you set the Real Number field to a value with a decimal place, after you click Create, the decimal value is rounded to the nearest number.
For example, the number 232.98 is rounded off to 233 and the number 435.29 is rounded off to 435.

Workaround: Use values that are greater than or lesser than your actual value.

If you do not delete the existing log files from the temp folder, after you upgrade to a later version, the size of the footprints_update_log.txt increases to a large size. This issues causes the upgrade installer to freeze.

Workaround: Rename or delete the existing log files from the temp folders before the upgrade.
FieldsDRZNZ-3107While creating a ticket, although you schedule an appointment by specifying a date and time, the selected date and time value is not populated in the Date-Time field.2018-02-20
PortalsDRZNZ-3141If you select the Flat theme for a portal, the headers for the section properties, form controls, and fields in the Agent Web form are not displayed.2018-02-20
Link ControlsDRZNZ-3150In a search lookup field, if the numbers of configuration items (CIs) are displayed over multiple pages, after you select and link one CI, when you try to link additional CIs, no results are displayed on the first page.2018-02-20

When migrating from FootPrints version 11.x to version 12.x,  the data in some workspaces is not migrated under the following conditions:

  • If you had deleted some fields from the workspace.
  • If you had renamed the built-in fields to match the name of the deleted fields.
Link ControlsDRZNZ-3152For a custom single select field in a Ticket form, the default value for a field overrides the default field value for the form. This issue occurs if the customer role has the No permission for the custom field.2018-02-20
Business RuleDRZNZ-3153For a CMDB container, although you configure a business rule with the Field in linked Record and Link Existing record field with any other field other than the Asset ID field, the Field in linked Record field reverts to the Asset ID field.2018-02-20

System Administration


When using FootPrints in the French language, the word KB next to the Maximum outgoing attachment size field under the Notifications (System) settings for email is incorrectly translated.2018-02-20

Console Widgets


If you refresh the FootPrints application by using the F5 key or a browser plug-in, after the refresh, the Dashboard widgets display inaccurate data.2018-02-20

Service Analytics


When filtering reports with the date column, if you use Yesterday as the date filter, the report does not show any data.


Service Analytics


If you have a large number of records and you include the Assignee field in a report, the report is displayed after a long time.


Business Rules


After a business rule with the Set field value action on the Description field is triggered, in the description of a ticket history, HTML code is displayed instead of text.


Service Management


When trying to view the services in the Category Browser of a service portfolio, you cannot use the View or Edit buttons to open a service.

Workaround: Double-click or double tap a service to open.

Application General


When you copy or move tickets from one workspace to another, if all the fields are not present in the destination workspace, in the Description field, the field data appears in the same line instead of separate lines.


Service Analytics


If you use FootPrints in right-to-left languages such as Arabic or Hebrew, the pie charts in the reports insert a text value between the percentage and the percentage sign (%).
For example, 2-High 11% is displayed as 11 2-High%


Application General


While configuring a dynamic SQL lookup, the window that opens is incorrectly labelled as Trigger undefined instead of Trigger <Lookup Field Name>.2018-02-20



When importing records with the Link to Contact option enabled, if the matching record does not exist, the import task fails and the following error message is displayed:
The contact search value does not exist.

Workaround: Change the source data with records that does not have the matching contact and set the import task without the Link to contact option enabled.
Role PermissionsDRZNZ-2916While editing a user role, if you change the permission for the System Role, the permissions for all roles of the container are reset.2018-02-20
Business RulesDRZNZ-2917If the criteria for an On Screen business rule is a field to which a user does not have edit permission, an error message is recorded in the log file instead of a warning or an information message. 2018-02-20
Service AnalyticsDRZNZ-2918In Service Analytics, when applying filters for a date range, the calendar option to select a date is only displayed for first field.2018-02-20
ConsolesDRZNZ-2925If you add a new action item to create a ticket on the Administration console or any other custom consoles, when you try to create a second ticket using the action item, the new Ticket form opens on a new browser tab.2018-02-20
Business RulesDRZNZ-2926After you save a ticket and a business rule with the Set field value action on a Date type field is triggered, the date value in a Rich Text type field is appended with parenthesis. 
For example, 12/14/2017 ().
Workaround: Use the Date-Time field to configure the business rule.
Service AnalyticsDRZNZ-2927In a Service Portfolio report, only the user ID is displayed as the value of the Assignee field instead of user ID and the agent name both.2018-02-20

Service Analytics


A Service Analytics report exported in a PDF format does not contain the page numbers.2018-02-20

Mobile Application


When you try to open a link from an email notification using the Apple Safari browser, if you are not already logged in to the FootPrints application, the link opens the Home page instead of the ticket details.2018-02-20



After an import task from LDAP is complete, the notification message shows that all users are updated instead of the actual number of users that are updated.2018-02-20

Business Rules


When you try to publish a workspace after deleting a business rule that is attached to a workflow state, the following error message is displayed: 
Definition cannot be instantiated due to rules/workflow validation unexpected rule error caused by unexpected null. 
This issue occurs because the business rule is not deleted from the workflow state.

  1. Delete the state with the attached business rule from the workflow and save the workflow.
  2. Add the state to the workflow again and publish the workspace.

Business Rules


If a user does not have edit permission for fields that are used to configure a business rule with the On Linked Item Create or On Linked Item Update trigger and Setting field value criteria, the business rule is not triggered.


Linked Fields


While creating a global ticket, although the mandatory linked fields are not added to the Ticket form, when you try to save the ticket, the following error message is displayed: 
Field Value is Empty.

Workaround: Set the linked fields as Optional instead of Required.

Application General


You cannot use the Tab key to navigate to a Rich Text type field.


Application General


While configuring a field, if you use the Link to Data Source option and try to establish a connection with a Microsoft SQL server that requires an encrypted connection, an error occurs and the connection fails.2018-02-20



On the Teams page, if you try to filter the teams, the filter is applied only on the records displayed on the current page instead of on all teams.


Application General


When creating a ticket, after you select a template, the template list does not close. 2018-02-20

System Administration


If you click Create Linked in the Link Control section from one contact record, do not save the record, and click Create Linked from another contact, instead of opening a new tab, the already opened Create Linked tab is displayed.


Service Level Management


The value of the Based on Schedule field of a work target that is created for a matching service level target (SLT) applied on a ticket is displayed as a code instead of the actual value.2018-02-20

Service Level Management


You can change the response for a service level target from Responded to not responded. 

SearchDRZNZ-2569After you upgrade to FootPrints version, if you add a saved search to the Widget console, the description of the records in the Saved Search is truncated.2018-02-20

If an import data source contains a large number of records, the CI import task takes a long time to complete.
Workaround: Divide the records of data source into smaller groups to perform the CI import task.

SearchDRZNZ-2577When creating a Saved Search, if you rename a team that is used in the Common.Assignees criteria an incorrect assignee name is displayed on the Search For tab. However, the results in the Saved Search display the correct name in the Assignees column.2018-02-20


When using FootPrints version, if the basic authentication for Microsoft Exchange Web Services is not enabled and you try to configure the FootPrints Sync settings, the following error message is displayed:
Could not connect to the server. Verify connection settings and that there is network access to the server.

Business RulesDRZNZ-2596

After a business rule is triggered, the email message that is sent does not contain the assignee details under the following conditions:

  • The Send email to action is selected.
  • The recipient is set to Assignees.
  • The On Linked Item Update trigger is set.
Business RulesDRZNZ-2640If you configure a business rule with the Create new record action and inheritance enabled for the quick template, the entries in a Rich text field are reversed compared to the original ticket.2018-02-20

If you create a filter by using dependent fields as one of the criteria on multiple items of a workspace, the filter is applied only on the first item instead of all specified items.

LocalizationDRZNZ-1894If you use FootPrints in the Japanese language, you cannot export reports generated in Service Analytics to the Excel format.2018-02-20
Incoming EmailDRZNZ-2565If the Footprints application receives an incoming email message with a .wav file as an attachment from a voice mail system, the ticket is created without the .wav file attachment.2018-02-20
Application GeneralDRZNZ-2518If you configure a Work Target in the Service Portfolio container and have the system language or personal preference language set to a language other than English, the choices for the State and Target Type fields are displayed in English, instead of the system language.2018-02-20
Web BrowserDRZNZ-2517If you have an On Screen business rule configured that refers to the Assignee field in the ticket form, you cannot use the type-ahead functionality in the Assignee field and the user is not selected. This issue occurs if you are using FootPrints on Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox browser.2018-02-20
SearchDRZNZ-2512In a CMDB container, if you try to search for devices that contain a hyphen (-) in their name, the following error message is displayed:
The Search value is constructed incorrectly or uses disallowed symbols.
CalendarDRZNZ-2510If you create an appointment for an incident, the Invitees list displays the name of the user that created the appointment only instead of the selected assignees.2018-02-20
Business RuleDRZNZ-2500A business rule with Create new record action displays the Record Type field as arbitrary number instead of the record name.2018-02-20
RolesDRZNZ-2499Users with the customer role can see the Copy from: Knowledge Base link option in the Description field of a ticket.2018-02-20

When you perform a search using a specific user’s name, no results are returned under the following conditions:

  • If the Advanced Search is configured with the Created By and/or Updated By field
  • If the user’s name contains a comma (,)
Workflow ProcessDRZNZ-2466Although the time for the approval of a record is passed, you can still send an approval email message. However, if you send an approval the second time, you receive an email notification that the voting is closed.2018-02-20

Item Builder


After you assign shared fields to a workspace item, sometimes, the fields are not displayed in the Assigned Items column.




If a record in the import data is mapped to a custom, required field that is blank, although the import task is successful, there is no value in the required fields and no error message is displayed.

Workaround: You must add the data to the required fields after the import task is complete or update the source file.


Business Rules


If you create a business rule with the Change field visibility action for the Description field, while creating a ticket, although the Description field is hidden, the name of the field and the link to the knowledge base are still visible.

Workaround: Use field dependency to hide the Description field.


Business Rules


If you create a business rule with the Change field visibility action for the Description field, while creating a ticket, although the Description field is hidden, the name of the field and the link to the knowledge base are still visible.

Workaround: Use field dependency to hide the Description field.

Application GeneralDRZNZ-2284If you manually enter an agent name in the Assignee field, the auto-fill options are displayed at the bottom of the form instead of below the Assignee field.2018-02-20
TemplateDRZNZ-2270If you do not have the edit permission for the fields defined in a quick template, when updating a record, after the quick template is applied, the default value for these fields is not populated.2018-02-20
Application GeneralDRZNZ-2261If you delete one of the choices for a single select field, the field values that are populated before you delete the choice are not shown in the record form. However, the values are shown correctly on the Grid view on the Home page and in the reports.2018-02-20

If you close the Calendar console, a blank space is displayed in place of other consoles and between the tabs.


  • Refresh the browser window.
  • Switch to another portal and back again.
Business RulesDRZNZ-2226If validation is enabled for a simple text field that is used to configure the Set Field value action of a business rule, when the business rule is executed, although the validation criterion is not met, the field value is still inserted.2018-02-20
Data ImportDRZNZ-2225During a Network Server data import, if the source CSV file is deleted or unavailable, the status of the import task is shown as In-Progress and the task goes into a loop.2018-02-20

If the anonymous access is enabled for a portal, the value set for the User Session timeout field is not respected. 

For example, although the value of the User Session timeout field is set to 30, the session times out after 15 minutes.
Application GeneralDRZNZ-2188

On the Grid view, you cannot scroll to the top of the page from the bottom of the page under the following conditions:

  • If you use FootPrints on a Google Chrome browser
  • You group the records by a column

If a ticket is in a workflow state in which the user does not have permission to edit the ticket, the edit options are still available. This issue occurs if the workflow state permissions are changed in the current user session.

Application GeneralDRZNZ-2185When viewing the configuration report of a workspace, if the workspace contains multiple items with same fields and you click a field, the field that is shown belongs to the first item in the list instead of the correct item.2018-02-20
Application GeneralDRZNZ-2152The label of a custom Boolean type field added to a form is clickable.2018-02-20
DatabaseDRZNZ-1208If a SQL DB cluster fails over, FootPrints version 12.0 application stops working.

Workaround: Go to the Failover Cluster Manager and move the instance back to the primary server node.


Field Dependencies


If you use a quick template to populate the value of a parent field that is a part of a field dependency, the default value of the child field is not displayed. 2018-02-20
Email NotificationDRZNZ-2006Even though a ticket creation is cancelled, sometimes, an email notification about the ticket is still sent.2018-02-20

Application General


The Created On and Updated On dates that are copied from any other field of an email message are always displayed in the EDT time zone instead of the time zone specified in the Default Work Schedule settings.2018-02-20
Application GeneralDRZNZ-2050

If you try to attach a file without an extension to an email message or from the FootPrints application, the following error message is displayed: Could not complete current transaction. Cause: Uploaded file has blank extension.

Item BuilderDRZNZ-1997

If you configure a Multi-Line Text Box by using the {Create New Field} option, although you select the Field Type as Textarea, the Field Type changes to Simple Text instead.

Workaround: When creating a new field on the form, add a Textarea type field.

Business RulesDRZNZ-1991If you configure a time-based business rule to update the record history, duplicate entries are added.2018-02-20
Email IncomingDRZNZ-1986

When cloning the Incoming Email (System) mailbox configurations, the default protocol is selected as IMAP protocol instead of the option selected when configuring the original mailbox.

Workaround: Clone the settings and manually select the correct protocol.

Field DependenciesDRZNZ-1985

If you have configured multiple field dependencies, when you select a choice from a Single Select field, you can select a value in the dependent field only after a delay of 3-4 seconds.

Business RulesDRZNZ-1983

If you configure an On Screen business rule with the Change Assignment of workspace action to assign the record to the supervisors, the action is not completed.

Workaround: Create an After Save business rule that assigns the record to the supervisors.

Business RulesDRZNZ-1971

When configuring a date criteria for an After Save business rule, if you select Condition as Range and the Value as a dotted line separator (----), an error message is displayed and the browser session crashes.

Workaround: Restart the browser and do not select the separator again.

Application GeneralDRZNZ-1931

Even if the browser window is maximized, to view the graphs on the Manage License page, you need to use the horizontal and vertical scroll bars.

Business RulesDRZNZ-1792

If an After Save rule is configured with a Time-based trigger, the Create New Record action is not completed.

BMC Client ManagementDRZNZ-1791A few log entries in FootPrints still contain the legacy name AssetCore instead of BMC Client Management.2018-02-20
Mobile ApplicationDRZNZ-1746

If the parent field is added but a journaling-enabled dependent field is not added to the Agent Mobile form, when you try to create a new ticket from the FootPrints mobile application, the mobile application stops responding.

Workaround: Ensure that you also add the dependent field to the Agent Mobile form.

Field DependenciesDRZNZ-1665

For a field that is a part of a field dependency, all choices are displayed to the user, instead of the choices that are allowed by the workflow.

Role PermissionsDRZNZ-1659

A workspace item is not editable under the following conditions:

  • A user role does not have the permission to edit a workspace item when the item is in an approval state.
  • The item is linked to an active workflow that requires an approval state.
  • A user approves the item.

Workaround: Refresh the browser.

Incoming EmailsDRZNZ-1658If an incoming email message contains HTML code in the message body, the HTML code is retained and the tags and code are not converted into plain text.2018-02-20
Web ServicesDRZNZ-1518

If the username of your FootPrints account contains a special character, such as hyphen or a dash, when you try to connect to the FootPrints API by using the SOAPUI, an error message is displayed.

Workaround: Do not use special characters in a username.

Field DependenciesDRZNZ-1517

If you use the custom sort on a Single Select field that is a part of a field dependency, the choices for the dependent fields are not sorted correctly.

Linked FieldsDRZNZ-1507

When you try to edit a link to an external data source, you cannot select a source field from the Map item fields to external source fields table.

Workaround: When you edit the link, click Connect and then select the same table again.

System AdministrationDRZNZ-1465

You cannot close the Phone Home tab in the Troubleshooting section because the option (X) to close the tab is not visible.

Workaround: Close or reopen the browser.


If you configure a business rule by using a time-based trigger with the DailyWeekly, or Monthly frequency, the At Hour field uses the UTC time instead of the application server's local time, causing the rule to trigger at an incorrect time.

Application GeneralDRZNZ-1415When using FootPrints version 12.1.05 or 12.1.06 on the Google Chrome browser, if you try to run spell check on the Description field, the spell check suggestions are not displayed.2018-02-20

Time-based business rules are not triggered at the scheduled time.
For example, if a rule is set to run every 20 hours, it actually runs only on the 20th hour of the day, or if a rule is set to run every 14 days, it runs only on the 14th and 28th days of the month, and so on.

Workaround: Use numbers to specify a value for day, week, or month to schedule rules.


When you configure an On Screen business rule, the assignees are not removed from the ticket under the following conditions:

  • The Change assignment of Ticket action is selected
  • The Assign Option is set to Reassign to selected users after unassigning all existing users
  • The RemoveAssignees criteria with the is equal to condition is set to True

Workaround: Create a team and assign tickets to that team instead of removing all assignees.

MobileDRZNZ-1371While using the FootPrints 12.1.4 mobile application on an iPhone 6 or 7, if you try to view an Excel sheet from an email message in the Preview mode, only one column of the sheet is visible. However, if you open the sheet by using Microsoft Excel, you can view the complete sheet.2018-02-20

A linked record is not saved and an error message that the time tracking is required is displayed under the following conditions:

  • The record is linked to an incident for which time tracking is required.
  • You do not track the time for the linked record.

Also, when you add the time tracking to the linked record, you still cannot save the record.

Workaround: To link the record, after you add the time tracking, click Link To and then click Save.

DRZNZ-1359When you configure a link control by using the Incident CI : CI link type, if you move a common field from the Available Fields section to the Selected Fields section, and then save the settings, the field is not saved to the Selected Fields section.2018-02-20
Field DependenciesDRZNZ-1355If a Boolean type field with a default value has a field dependency on a Single Select type field, the default value is not set when you create a ticket. However, if you select a different choice from the Single Select type field and then again select the choice that has field dependency on the Boolean type field, the default value is displayed as expected on the ticket.2018-02-20
Field DependenciesDRZNZ-1285When you remove a choice from a Single Select type field that is a part of the field dependency, the choices displayed for the dependency are not updated automatically. Also, when you try to publish the workspace, the following error message is displayed:

Field Dependency Configuration is not valid for field [fieldName] in item [ticketName].


  1. Edit the field dependencies for the parent field.
  2. In the Parent Field section, select the choice that has a dependency to the child field.
    This action refreshes the available choices in the Child Field section and saves the updated dependency.
DRZNZ-1210If you configure an On Screen business rule that hides a mandatory Rich Text or Textarea type field with journaling enabled, the field is hidden, but you cannot save the ticket because the field is required on the Ticket form.2018-02-20

BMC Client Management


When you configure a two-way integration for BMC Client Management, if the User Name field value contains a special character, the connection verification fails and an error message is displayed.

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