Keyboard shortcuts to perform actions

Some features in FootPrints support keyboard shortcuts that agents can use to perform actions. You must use the same shortcuts for all languages and browsers that are supported in FootPrints. To learn about keyboard shortcuts that are specific for the Rich Text editor, see Using the Rich Text editor.

The following table describes the supported keyboard shortcuts:


Navigate to the various sections in the application.

Press Tab.
Navigate to the previous section in the application.Press Shift+Tab.
Navigate to the tabs in a specific section.Press the Right or Left Arrow keys.
Open a record from the Grid or List view.Press Enter.
Navigate the fields or a button in a form.Press Tab.
Navigate to the previous field or button in a form.Press Shift+Tab.

Switch between the form tabs.

  1. Press Alt+Q.
  2. To navigate between the tabs, press the Up or Down Arrow keys.
  3. To select the tab, press the Enter key.
Save the record.

Press Ctrl+S.

Submit the record.Press Alt+S.
Toggle the widgets panel.Press Alt+W.
Select assignees for a ticket.
  1. To navigate to the Assignee field, press the Tab key.
  2. To select the assignee do either of the following:
    • Type in the assignee name in the Assignees field.
    • To select the assignee, from Select Assignee pane follow below steps:
    1. To open the Select Assignee pane, press the Down key.
    2. To navigate to the first agent in the Available Users list, press the Tab key.
    3. To select a user, press the Ctrl+Space keys.
    4. To navigate to appropriate users, hold the Ctrl key.
    5. (Optional) To select multiple users in a range, press the Shift key.
  3. To navigate to the Add button, press Tab and then press Enter.
  4. To navigate to the OK button, press Tab and press Enter.

You can enable the Accessibility theme for a portal that adds an orange square around the controls in the FootPrints applications and makes it easier to navigate between the sections on the form.

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