You can import data into FootPrints in several ways:

  • Contact records, ticket data, and solutions can be imported using comma-separated values (CSV) files.
  • CI and CI relationship data can be imported using CSV files, SQL databases, or BMC Client Management databases.
  • Container configuration settings can be imported using XML template files that are first exported from FootPrints.
  • In FootPrints, you have two options to import Boolean fields:
    • Yes—the check box is selected
    • No—the check box is cleared

    However, to import Boolean fields using a CSV file, you must specify the values in the following format:

    • TRUE for Yes value of the field
    • FALSE for No value of the field.

The following video (3:18) presentation provides an overview of Importing.

For more information about exporting configuration settings, see Exporting container configurations.

For information about uploading specific types of data, see the Related topics.

To improve your system's performance and control behavior of the import process, you need to configure certain parameters in the footprints-batch-beans.xml located in the conf folder. For more information, see the support article.

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