Filtering search results

You can filter search results to see a shorter list of the same type of records or to find a different set of results. For example, if the current search displays only open tickets, and you set up a filter to show only high priority tickets, the list will refresh to show open tickets with high priority.

If your filter criteria contradict the original search criteria, the filter is applied but no tickets are shown. For example, if the current search found only open tickets and you define the filter to display only closed tickets, the result is no matches. When you perform a new search, the filter is cleared. You can also clear a filter.

Your filter settings are saved when you log out, or until you select new filters.

The following topics are provided:

To create a filter

  1. On any page that shows a record grid (such as the Home page), click the drop-down arrow next to a heading in the records list.
  2. In the text field next to Filter, type the value that you want to filter by and press Enter.
    The filtered list appears.

To remove a filter

  1. Select the field from which you want to remove the filter, and clear the Filter check box.

  2. Click the Refresh icon at the bottom of the window (next to Page x of y).

To save a filter

  1. Click Select item(s) at the top right and select Advanced Search.
  2. Create a saved search that returns the same records that appeared when you applied the filter.
    For detailed instructions, see Using Advanced Search.

To group records by a specific field

In the records list, click the field by which you want to group the records and select Group By This Field. The list refreshes, showing the records grouped as requested.

To show records without groups

In the records list, click the field by which the records are grouped and select Show in Groups. The list refreshes, showing the records in a list.

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