Editing CIs

You can edit configuration items (CIs) for which you have editing rights.


When multiple users have editing permissions for a CI and attempt to save changes at the same time (including moving the record), the Edit Lock feature prevents Save conflicts from occurring. This means that you cannot save your changes (or move a record) while another user is editing the same CI. A warning appears, advising you of the situation. You can cancel your request and attempt the request again later, or discard your changes and return later to redo them. If you have administrator permissions, the warning has an Unlock option to release the lock. The changes made by the other user are not saved.

To edit a CI

  1. On the CMDB Home page, select the CI that you want to modify or search for it.
    If the CMDB Home page is not visible, click the More tab at the top of the window and select CMDB to open it.
  2. Click Edit.
    The Edit page appears.
  3. Modify the CI fields using the information in Creating CIs.
  4. Do one of the following:
    • To submit the current changes, but continue working on the record to make further changes, click Save.
    • To save and close the form, click Submit.

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